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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Reformation Issue of Christian News - 10-31-2016 - Another Dud.
Reading CN So You Don't Have To

 The Synodical Conference abhors the true Gospel
and substitutes universal forgiveness without faith - UOJ - for it.
Christian News dodges this matter all the time
and tries to finesse the dogma of ELCA and the
Synodical Conference: universalism in the name of grace.

This is yet another Kloha issue of CN, with Montgomery weighing in on legal issues. Anyone can discuss the law when dealing with common knowledge issues - though this knowledge seems to be uncommon among the unlettered and uninformed Lutherans on the UOJ Left.

Kloha copyrights his material so no one can copy it? Haha. That is so funny. In fact, everything receives an automatic copyright, whether so marked or not. Using the copyright symbol or words is a formality and warns people not to sell the material for profit - not that they should anyway.

The copyright holder can sue someone who broke the law by copying and selling the work of someone else, but that is up to the original owner. Thus, when various best-sellers have been simply stolen from the original authors, the actual author had to go to court to be paid. Roots is one example, and Alex Haley lost that one bigly. The genealogy in the novel is a hoax too, like many invented in the past to show noble or royal origins.

 UOJ is the Circumcision Party -
where faith is not taught, works take over.

One More Time - For the Synodical Conference and the Baker's Dozen of ELDONUTs
A work can be quoted for the purpose of research and for review. I do not know why anyone is spooked by Kloha's copyright mark. 

Perhaps someone could be barred from distributing a work solely for the purpose of study. That ban is usually observed. However, the author or publisher would have to sue the perp and say to the court, "They did this to make money from my original work."

The first sit-down with the attorneys will cost thousands, so that is rarely done.

I am not sure why Montgomery began waving his law degree around. I teach this topic in graduate school and deal with the issue all the time. False teachers say:
  1. How dare you quote me out of context!
  2. How dare you quote me extensively to show the context!
  3. How dare you publish at all!
Kloha is just another boring apostate with a PhD from a little-known school. The Synodical Conference and Christian News gave up the Bible and the Gospel a long time ago, 
  • By working with the LCA/ALC/ELCA, 
  • By pigging out at the same Thrivent and foundation troughs.
  • By teaching UOJ in the name of grace.

I did a scientific scan of the Reformation issue of Christian News:

  • Justification by faith - 0 occurrences.
  • Chief Article - 0 occurrences.
  • Righteousness of faith - 0 occurrences.
  • Jackson - 0.
  • Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant - 0
  • Ichabod - 0.
  • Book of Concord - 1 in an article, by Surburg. Also cited here and there, in the masthead, books sold, etc.
  • Means of Grace - 1 in an article by Surburg, where he correctly summarizes Luther's doctrine. "Luther taught that justification occurred the moment a person believed that Jesus Christ had paid for his sins by His vicarious and substitutionary death upon the cross. This faith was created in the individual’s heart by the Holy Spirit through the means of grace, either by the Word or the Sacraments."
  • Sola fide - 2 occurrences. Surburg article.
  • Kloha - 82 times, like that almost forgotten dude in Pieper's Dogmatics, Kalnis.
The content of Christian News is like John Brug's dreadful book, The Ministry of the Word, almost devoid of Lutheran content.