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Monday, October 17, 2016

Research Tips Using This Blog and Google, Guidestar, And Other Tools

Someone interested in the facts can learn plenty from the Net. The false teachers cannot help boasting, so there is a record - until I post it. Then they erase the evidence. That is why I copy and paste the evidence with the link.

Mordor - I mean Mequon - lists all of its graduate photos by year. The faculty's agenda will reveal some details. The classmates are also significant.  The later the graduation, the more the Mordor graduates are 100% Church Growth, UOJ, and New NIV.

LinkedIn is often an accurate resume, written by the individual using their software, but not always. If they omit significant jobs and background, there must be a reason. Paul McCain, the plagiarizing blogger and CPH bigshot, bragged about his many years at Concordia Seminary, Ft. Wayne. But now he has a profile with almost no information on it, besides working at CPH. is good for tracking incomes, such as CPH salaries (horribly out of date on that one). Guidestar is also good for seeing how Thrivent spreads money around. The synods hide most of the trail, but there are ways to pin down some of it. Hint - the apostates grab the lion's share. And by the way, the lion's share means "most of it."

A name search on Google can find newspaper articles, arrests, and other information. Something like Spokeo (which costs) can track down name, address, age, and the value of the house where they live.
Zillow (free) will show home values.

Caution - some names are common enough that one can follow the wrong trail. Defining by Lutheran, or WELS, or ELCA, or a similar tag will narrow the search. There is a Pentecostal Gregory L. Jackson who publishes religious books. I am not that person.

Humint is handy but can be deceptive. Human intelligence has to be pieced together over time. Classmates lie for each other. District Presidents play "I don't know." Clergy like Jack Cascione and James Heiser live in an illusionary world where their stooges repeat their fables.

If someone claims something, I only know that they claimed something, not that it is 100% true or even 1% true. I like hard data, which is more fun, such as quoting them. My favorite was John Lawrenz arguing with the Holy Spirit about his call - and he almost won. He wrote or said that, and it disappeared from the Net. and Google will take money for making something disappear. According to my safe computer expert, Google makes a lot of money for changing the search parameters, cloaking the published photos or materials. For the longest time I could not find any good photos of Marvin Schwan or anything about his wife's death. Celebrities make their homes disappear from Google Maps.

This is funny. The photo of Ski  - as Jason from the movie - would not load. I changed its name and it loaded.  For that reason, going over material from the labels on Ichabod will yield a lot of material that otherwise does not show up well.

If a photo is subjected to, I post it again and again with new names.

Still, searching on Google images is a great way to find the place where it was published. That can be instructive - even shocking. I did that to track down the murders committed by Tabor and Al Just (both of WELS, both covered up).

A reverse search is also possible on Google Images.

YouTube and Google will offer tutorials on these subjects.

Aderman helped found Church and Change in WELS.
He was fired for shrinking his congregation,
then forced a new vote to call him back.

 The Church and Changers work together in WELS.

Mark Jeske unites ELCA, WELS, LCMS, but seldom ELS.
Whadda guy. He is allegedly WELS,
but there is a joke about that - I cannot repeat.