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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Response to WELS Hazing Abuse

Response to Secret Hazing Ritual at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary

Hi Pastor:

You hit the "WELS Hazing & Bullying" expose out of the park.  Spot on.  I still remember the "Fuchs Code" all these years later from Martin Luther Academy:

"I a poor, humble freshman of the lowest form of mass, beg pardon of this man of the noble Junior (or X) class.  I bow to thee in honour, and beg thy pardon please, that thou my noble conqueror shall ever be my liege.  I carry this shoe-rag to do thine every wish, that I shall never lag to make this shoe-rag swish."

This rendering, or something very close to it, had to be cited on demand or the victim would have to do some task, like shining shoes or carrying books.  Glad to see this pagan ritual was eliminated but it was a cult-like control mechanism. [GJ - The New Ulm prep was eliminated and replaced with an area high school. The current state of abuse will not be known until they heatedly deny it.

After recently running into a thug-like, ungodly synod leader, I renounced all ties to WELS and will never again step into one of their churches.  I warn others of WELS abuses--Scriptural, mental, emotional & physical--that goes on in its temples and watering holes.

May God bless you.


Martin Luther College - WELS - is a transforming, or rather, a transgendering experience.

Graduation Day, six months into the change.

 And now...