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Monday, November 7, 2016

A Walk around the Block with Sassy and Mrs. Ichabod

Nothing tops roses from the garden.
Veterans Honor (red) and Falling in Love (pink)
are producing well in November.

We normally take the Sunday flowers to the chiro on Monday, but he is out of town. I said, "Let's give them to John and his wife Pat." My wife thought it would be fun to walk over with Sassy and me, so we did.

The weather was perfect, so we hope for two more weeks of roses in the yard. One of two bouquets of roses was put in a plastic cup, and off we went.

First we saw two of the four Esses. We call the four daughters the Esses because each name begins with an S. Sassy loves them and get petted by them. Later, Sassy spotted their black cat and wanted to approach. I said, "That cat chased you away last time. You better not." Sassy got near the kittens  in the summer and mama cat launched into Sassy, whose feeling were hurt more than her rear end.

Next our Army Ranger vet called out for Sassy. "Come here you old fat thing." Sassy howled and carried on as she ran over to him. He is her favorite among all her favorites in the neighborhood.

We reached Pat and John's home about one block away. That is where one or all of us stop and visit often. My wife gave Pat the large bunch of fragrant roses - John Paul II, Veterans Honor, California Dreamin', and Falling in Love. Pat smiled and kept them on the outside table for a time.

In the sunny South, visiting is done at the front porch or front yard. We had a good time and went home.

California Dreamin
on such a winter's day.