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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Church Politics - Far Worse Than Secular Politics

We follow secular politics all day, every day. My wife and I discuss the history of various politicians and their subordinates. I do not pretend to know all of what is happening or even a fraction of it. Institutions do a lot of lying, and government excels at that skill - whether secular or church government. The same sanctimony and righteous anger are always on display.

But church treachery is far more serious, because millions are placed in jeopardy, and this is excused, even praised.

Here are some gems I have heard from various sources.

  • "Larry Olson is not dangerous. Everyone knows he is a heretic."
  • "Paul Kelm listens to confessionals."
  • "Valleskey gushes about Church Growth when he is with friends, but he is very guarded when speaking in front of larger groups. I don't think he is being dishonest."
  • "The New NIV is terrible. I like the [Calvinistic] ESV."
  • I heard a long rant against Luther, which I followed by asking, "Have you ever studied Luther's writings." Answer - No.
  • WELS DP Robert Mueller warned the Michigan district against the influence of Church Growth, followed by his 100% support of Church Growth. He sponsored a new congregation that is no longer Lutheran at all - but thanked WELS for its start-up and three WELS pioneering pastors. He also promoted Pilgrim Community Church, led by two divorced men no longer serving congregations - I wonder why - a wild hair project that failed utterly. Mueller and Paul Kuske were behind Pilgrim - completely.
  • The CLC (sic) President published an excellent warning against Church Growth for the entire, tiny sect, followed by unequivocal support for the worst of the CG fanatics, Paul Tiefel and David Koenig. Ironically -  he bellowed a recent rant against the WELS for being mean to him...last century. And I thought everyone was "born forgiven."
  • Paul McCain is labeled a "confessional Lutheran" while publishing Roman Catholic propaganda as his own work, plagiarized directly from The Catholic Encyclopedia - and I am the only one who notices and objects. His crimes are all erased on his blog, but still reported on this blog.
  • The Steadfast (sic) Lutherans (sic) stand for truth, justice, and The American Way, while gladly erasing the facts about one of their LCMS lay ministers, Darwin Schauer, a previously convicted sex criminal, who offended again. The orders to erase the evidence came down from their hero - Matt the Fat Harrison. The ass. editor was promoted to senior editor, who also moved from ass. pastor to senior pastor in his parish. And then the whole flea-bitten group went silent when ordered by the LCMS convention.
  • When LCMS First Things was exposed as a UOJ business run as a "youth ministry," the head of the scam went nuts and blocked me and Mrs. I on Facebook. 
The waste of money is prodigal, like Pope John the Malefactor going on a world tour after doing his best to wreck the Little Sect on the Prairie. However, all the ELS congregatons either stay or come back eventually, voting him back into office, time after time.

Which bunch of clowns is a better example of apostasy? 
  1. The LCMS, selling Reformation trinkets, including a dog's t-shirt.
  2. The Wisconsin sect, publishing a book of essays against Lutheran doctrine.
No wonder Luther's words give them indigestion, if they even bother to read the Reformer. In all truth, they probably only look up a few quotations to use from time to time. In some cases, like Bivens plagiarizing Zarling, they simply copy each other's stupidities.

F. Bivens is proud of learning Church Growth at Fuller Seminary...
until he denies going there.