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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New White, Butterfly Bush Blooms. Warming Up, Raining a Bit, Roses Still Blooming Somewhat

Falling in Love has a white reverse
for its pink flowers. Their blooms are
beautiful in a vase and very fragrant.
Dread winter left after three days of 20 degree nights. Now we have warmer nights again and 50 - 65 degree days. Rain yesterday and last night encouraged a few more roses to bloom, especially the unbelievable Easy Does It.

I will cut some fresh roses for tonight's Thanksgiving service.

I looked at our baby Butterfly Bush - White Profusion. Although it was in a bad place for traffic and new mulch being placed, the little bush bloomed white already.

The cool weather, after a prolonged summer, seems to have brought the Starlings back. I saw them feasting as a group on John and Pat's lawn, then flying off on their rounds to roost and find another lawn for food.

I expect they will be making my backyard a frequent stop.

Neighbors are gathering free mulch and manure for me, in the form of carefully raked tree leaves in handy to carry leaf bags. Some are in paper bags in case I need extra base for the mulch. Thanks for paying Walmart for paper bags so I can have them free.

Easy Does It harmonizes well with the other roses -
sturdy stems and frequents blooms, especially now.