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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Church History at Yale. We Met Pelikan and Ahlstrom at Church Each Week.
Bainton Helped Me with My Dissertation

 Kenneth Scott Latourette

 History of the Expansion of Christianity

“The single work for which Latourette is most remembered is the seven-volume "A History of the Expansion of Christianity".[9]Latourette noted within Volume 4 that only 5% of Americans in 1790 had formal ties to churches or synagogues.” Wiki

Latourette was prolific in writing, very much loved by students at Yale, and a genuine believer.

 Jaroslav Pelikan,
LCMS, ELCA, Eastern Orthodox

Jaroslav Pelikan was very famous. We often saw him at Bethesda Lutheran Church. I think he was more of an opportunist. He became “senior editor” of Luther’s Works then left that to be at Yale, if I remember the facts correctly. Someone else continued the work, and Pelikan got most of the credit.

One long-term history professor at Yale thought Pelikan’s history of Christianity was not good at all. He published a tough review in the Yale Divinity magazine. It was a shock for Yale to have a Yale professor say the Great Pelikan was not that good. Pelikan wanted to be Yale President, I think, and devoted a lot of time to that. Pelikan became Eastern Orthodox after leaving the LCMS for ELCA. He won a $500,000 prize and gave it to the Russian Orthodoxy Seminary in America.

Sydney Ahlstrom, (Augustana Synod) another Lutheran, wrote his famous American Church History book. A bit too general for me. The joke was “A elephant conceived and bore a mouse.” Ahlstrom had serious neurological problems and that may have blunted his efforts. Still, it was a best seller.

Day Missions Library, Yale Divinity School

Yale Divinity School,
New Haven, Connecticut