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Friday, December 2, 2016

Correction - ELDONUTs Ordered The Faith of Jesus Removed.
They Were Already Offended by The Faith of Jesus

 Making Disciples  is available on Kindle and Amazon
or from me at the author's price.

Rejection of the traditional text of the New Testament has been fruitful for the apostates. They have diluted the impact of having one, clear, precise English translation - the King James Version.

Once the radicals got their hands on the Greek New Testament, they convinced the academics that routine toying with the text could provide endless variations in the readings and slowly destroy the concept of the Word of God.

The KJV family - which includes many modernized versions - is alone in using the traditional Greek text. The rest -

  • NIV
  • ESV
  • RSV
  • New RSV

use the Nestle-Aland, which continues to change from the votes of the few who decide on the fate of each word.

Observe the invented rules about which Greek manuscript is best -

The New Testament in the Original Greek, the Text Revised by B.F. Westcott and F.J.A. Hort(Cambridge : MacMillan & Co., 1882):
  • There is a stronger presumption that the earlier date of a manuscript implies "greater purity of text" (p. 59)
  • A reading that is apparently an "improvement" of the text is less likely to be authentic (p. 27)
  • A more difficult reading is to be preferred as scribes tended to "smooth away difficulties" (p. 28) - from KJVToday
I was fascinated by Greek manuscripts when I was a young lad, but these rules struck me as ridiculous presumptions from the start. 
  1. How do we know that a manuscript is earlier than another? The real issue in transmission is care for accuracy. 
  2. Could something seen as an improvement actually be the better choice in the first place, the confused or confusing word a matter of inattention, bad eyesight, bad hearing?
  3. Who defines difficult? If an apostate calls it difficult for believers, then the apostate editor of the Greek New Testament is going to choose something harmonious with his many doubts. This rule is the most rewarding for turning the New Testament text into a set of Tinker Toys.
Once the concept of the "modern text" is accepted, with changes based on some arbitrary rules, all good things follow for the apostates. Radicalism is set in concrete and believers can be shamed into submission. "This is the best and most accurate text of the New Testament. The world Bible societies and the Pope agree. Who are you to disagree?"

In contrast, the traditional text is based on centuries of Christian tradition from the Greek-speaking, Christian, Byzantine Empire - the Eastern Roman Empire that lasted until 1453. The escape of scholars from Constantinople spawned the Renaissance in Europe - a flowering of literature, art, sculpture, the Greek language, and culture. Byzantine history is almost completely ignored, even by history scholars, and is usually overlooked entirely in the narrative of Western culture.

"We have thousands of those Byzantine manuscripts," so they have little value. One man found two manuscripts on his own - Sinaticus and Vaticanus - and pronounced them the best and purest. "Those manuscripts have no clear origin, so we liberal scholars like them the best." So rave the radicals, and the  so-called conservatives who parrot this nonsense.

Edited Greek New Testaments enabled Dynamic Equivalence, which is Anything Goes paraphrasing of the text.

Those two forces are the path to forcing "making disciples" into the Great Commission. The English alone is barbarous, because the real object of the verb is "all nations" - not disciples. So - teach all nations is converted to make disciples of all nations, completely unjustified by the text. That shows how the attitude toward changing the original text is upgraded into altering the meaning of Greek. 

These points made the ELDONUTs irritated and defensive, because one layman called them on their favoritism toward the modern translations, like the ESV, and their adopting the New KJV Babtist slant, which includes "making disciples." The New KJV could be called the Babtist KJV - that is their market and word selection shows it here and there.

The Faith of Jesus is available on Amazon and Kindle,or from me at the author's price.

ELDONUT priests received free copies of Making Disciples and the Lord, High Bishop became incensed at these gifts. But worse was the open, flagrant, and unashamed distribution of The Faith of Jesus at their last mini-conference.

One underling interrupted the meal of a layman to address a terrible crime. The Faith of Jesus and some other books were on the free books table, as if it were The Abomination of Desolation. "Make these disappear!" He was ordered. Thus generosity was turned into a grave sin.

ELDONUT priest Stefanski is zero for two in the fact department,
but that happens when listening in obedience to the Lord, High Bishop. Tis funny how Eric takes time from his mass excommunication of all LCMS pastoral friends to expectorate some unsupported charges against me. Was I an LCMS pastor?
Did I ever advocate UOJ, as Stefanski did? It is a miracle
that ELDONA has not yet imploded.
Breaking the SynCon tradition of being indirect, the layman went to the Lord, High Bishop, Jim Heiser, and asked directly what the problem was. The Right Reverend was too busy to be disturbed, so great is the burden of holding a mini-conference for a micro-sect. But the layman pressed on. Heiser was enraged that the notorious author, yours truly, wrote a post he did not like eight years ago. Tearing at his longish beard, he cried out, "Does this look like an Eastern Orthodox beard?"

Heiser, in his purple bishop shirt,
is cleverly disguised as a UOJ advocate here,
with Rolf Preus and Steven Brockdorf, UOJ examplars,
proving a chameleon can turn every color - except white.

All the priests - except one - are from Concordia, Ft. Wayne, which has nursed a passion for Eastern Orthodoxy for years. A number of Ft. Wayners have joined Eastern Orthodoxy, as did one editor of the LCMS Lutheran Service Book - Fenton, who repudiated Lutheran doctrine afterwards.

Later, disciple Rydecki, when asked by me on IM, claimed, "The book was not vetted yet." That was in spite of Rydecki and Heiser having copies of the book eight months previously.

 "Do we look Eastern orthodox?"
Yes, you do.

Clearly, the ELDONUTs were fried, but they could not confine themselves to one topic. Fed by deliberate lies from another ELDONUT priest, ultimately from Heiser Hisself, Doug Handrich engaged in an age-old logical fallacy - poisoning the well, which in his case should be called "spitting into the wind."

ELDONUTs hide their information, just as Heiser hides behind his minions. But they have revealed a number of classic errors that come from Pietism.

Like Bishop Martin Stephan, STD, the tiny sect of ELDONA considers itself to be the only Church on earth. They told one layman, "It is unScriptural for Jackson to be apart from ELDONA." That declaration would also be true for 99.9999% of all Lutheran clergy. 

That declaration also defies the Augsburg Confesion, which they claim to uphold, just as the Pietistic sects LCMS, WELS, ELS, and CLC (sic) do. 

Pietists are obsessed with membership in the right sect, sometimes in the right district of the right sect, and even in graduating from the right seminary of the right sect. Ft. Wayne and St. Louis grads look down on each other. WELS and ELS pastors despise each other while "cherishing their fellowship." The CLC (sic) carps about everyone else while copying the worst doctrinal errors.

 "Anathema sit! Burn those books!
We alone are the Means of Grace on earth."

The book-burning attitude of ELDONA makes one wonder about the nature of their fears. If I give Augustine's City of God to a friend, am I expecting him to become Roman Catholic? If I give away a complete set of Pieper's Dogmatics, as I did to one seminarian, am I endorsing Pieper's UOJ and his Kalnis hobby? I give away books all the time, in the hopes of kindling interest in Reformation Lutheran doctrine.