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Friday, December 23, 2016

Squirrel Tales - As One Reader Describes Them

Shock or boredom?

Several readers suggested that I put a Slinky around the pole holding up the bird feeder. That solution appeared on Facebook, reminding me of the weed killer recipe (Dawn detergent, Epson salts, Agent Orange? Napalm?).

The problem with any solution concerning squirrels, as Dr. Bruce Church conceded, is that squirrels defeat the clever ruse in time.

Squirrels have range-finder eyes. If you have ever used one in a camera, the image is brought together when the focus is perfect. I had an Argus camera that did this and produced perfect photos. Now lasers do the job for us. God designed them for squirrels, and they work very well.

If squirrels are defeated on the pole, they simply land on top, even if they miss a few times. Once they have the distance, the feeder is theirs. As I wrote earlier, the squirrel-proof lever that kept the seed locked up - yes that one - it was jiggled to drop seed into the squirrels mouth below. One paw on the pole, one on the lever, open mouth, serve the sunflower seeds until full.

I had a solution once. I put tree stickum on the pole. That kept the squirrels off the pole for a long time, until they said "No way" and climbed through the goo and left it all over the house and window. I got to clean it off, which was time-consuming and sticky beyond belief.

No matter what I do to the pole, the squirrels will climb the Butterfly Bush next to the two poles (platform and squirrel-proof feeders). The main thing protecting the squirrel-proof feeder is its cargo of finch food. Squirrels will ravage that too, if nothing else is available.

They have:

  • Sunflower seeds.
  • Suet.
  • Thistle (nyjer).
  • Corn.

Squirrels are always entertaining: always energetic, gymnastic champions, high wire artists, and clowns.

 I once moved the wedding cake slice stored in a tree.
The squirrel fetched it earlier from the garbage can and saved it in the original zip-loc bag. I moved it and squirrel looked at me in a rage.