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Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Trouble with Unlearned Clergy Pooling Their Ignorance at a Synod Seminary

Jay Webber (ELS) finally got his STM from an online, ELCA school, one where Jack Kilcrease, Roman Catholic adjunct teaches the wisdom of UOJ.

Webber complained to me about the weakness of the Bethany Lutheran Seminary faculty. I have fervently wished for them to hire him, because God's wrath is shown most clearly in letting false teachers flay and oppress those who have abandoned God's Word.

There are two kinds of theological education. The most important is to dwell in the Word and to trust in the plain message of the Scriptures. The laity I know have this training on their own and thirst for even more knowledge. No clergy have asked me to train them in Greek, but seven laity have.

The second kind is formal education, which is significant for training a new generation of pastors. That is where the "conservative" synods have utterly failed, because both kinds of education must be brought together.

The LCMS is better about formal education, but they want their faculty members immersed in synodical correctness, not in the Scriptures.

 When a Disciples of Christ apostate and promoter of Planned Parenthoodgives a guy goosebumps, it is time to shut down the so-called educational system.

The smaller "Lutheran" sects are worse, lacking formal education and only a superficial knowledge of the Scriptures. Their in-house publications show their deficits. But these also become the new additions to the canon, so who can object and remain within the synodical coral?

From Missouri on down, the academic incest is deplorable. Universities abhor having their own graduates immediately become teachers at the same school. That turns the faculty into ring-knockers, a quaint term that applies to those who never left the womb of the sect, have family connections with everyone, and show off their power by knocking their rings on the table (figuratively speaking) when a different idea comes up.

WELS-ELS-CLC-ELDONA - All are so pure, in their own minds, that they can easily use their own MDiv graduates to train their future pastors. The same is true at the college level, if they are big enough to have colleges. Larry Otto Olson monopolizes one area of their only synodical college. He lacks a real doctorate and had a miserable parish experience. So he is simply stamping out more versions of LOO.

ELDONA has one seminary student and one poorly educated MDiv to serve as the dean, registrar, faculty, baseball coach, music director, and cafeteria crew for the entire student body. They fly in or online their varied MDivs to provide a rich soup of Ft Waynianism. Their Lord High Bishop, the Right Reverend Jim Heiser, STM, tells everyone what to do and think, so they have re-imagined the original Stephanite model, minus the young women and the STDs. What is the chance of having real Biblical studies under such high church Stalinism?

The main ingredient for the Christian Church is Biblical studies. Exegetical sermons are mostly absent now, a great chance to provide year around training for the pastor and members. Coptied cutsy sermons and canned cutsy-wutsy adult classes have made people impatient with Biblical classes.