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Friday, December 16, 2016

Warren Malach Feigns Innocence on UOJ

 "Come into our lair," the SynCons hiss at anyone disputing their dogma, "and we will discuss Synodical Conference papers until you surrender to us."

Dear Pastor Jackson: Given that you have been a pastor in synods which teach objective justification, have you ever posted on Ichabod your own account of how you came to your position on justification?  If not, please do so; if you have, please tell me how I may find it.  Thanks!  
-- Warren Malach


GJ - Warren Malach asked about UOJ in a number of emails long ago, and I responded on the blog. Here is one post where I responded to him.

After feigning innocence and pretending to want to know more, Warren began his repetitious attack on Justification by Faith.

The last I heard of him, Warren was being cited by DP JonBoy Buchholz - against Steve Spencer - who had expressed some doubts about UOJ. Spencer never left the WELS prison compound, but he apparently looked over the barbed-wire fence a bit too long.

Asking me if I ever wrote about UOJ in various synods is a bit odd, since I lost track of how many times. And I should do the google searches anyone can do?

Here is how to find posts:

  1. Use the Labels list on the far left, which is where UOJ belongs, or
  2. Use the search box on the upper left corner - not very effective, or
  3. Google "Ichabod the Glory UOJ ____ synod".

As Warren acknowledged, I already posted free PDFs of books, including Thy Strong Word, which handles the topic extensively, including as many UOJ statements as I could find at the time.

By the way, DropBox will no longer allow public links, the way I am giving away PDFs of books, after March 15th -

We’ll soon be ending support for the Public folder. Dropbox Basic users will be able to use the Public folder until March 15, 2017. After that date the files in your Public folder will become private, and links to these files will be deactivated. Your files will remain safe in Dropbox.
So if you want to download them, do so soon and save them to your hard drive or to your own DropBox account, which is free at the basic level. Some of my books are also given away on in the form of PDFs.


Warren - "Have you ever posted on Ichabod your own account of how you came to your position on justification?"

This sentence is a marvel of using the 2nd person singular to turn the teaching of the Scriptures, Luther, and Book of Concord into a personal opinion.

Luther, Melanchthon, the Formula of Concord - the Scriptures:
all agree on Justification by Faith.

The Chief Article of Christianity is not UOJ, which comes from Pietistic rationalism. The Chief Article is Justification by Faith Alone.

The default position for any Christian is Justification by Faith. It would be difficult to find anyone who could march through the shallow, insipid catechism of UOJ without being brainwashed first at one of the LCMS-ELS-WELS-ELCA seminaries. Warren Malach graduated from Concordia, Ft. Wayne, a warning sign if there ever was one. (Cf. Paul McCain, Jay Webber, Rolf Preus, Jack Cascione, Jim Heiser, and the ELDONUTs.)

Even so, the UOJ position is often cloaked with weasel-words like "grace" used to supplant faith. Example - "No, not Justification by Faith, but Justification BY GRACE through faith." The example should be said in an angry and contemptuous way, to make the Chief Article seem distorted and wrong.

The advantage in dealing with UOJ goes to those who were trained in those old, basic catechisms like the Gausewitz original or the KJV catechism sold by CPH (2 million sold!).

WELS-ELS-LCMS-CLC (sic) will continue to pressure their remaining clergy and members to conform to the ELCA model of universal absolution and salvation.

Meanwhile, everyone should wonder

  1. Why is the Chief Article rejected by WELS-ELS-LCMS?
  2. Why do the three dying sects rejoice in their agreement against the Gospel?
  3. Why does WELS lie (Bivens, Zarling) and call UOJ the Chief Article?