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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Are We Entering the End Times for Mainline Seminaries? | Religion Dispatches.
WELs-ELS-LCMS Are Also Mainline, Paid by Thrivent To Work Joyously with ELCA

Are We Entering the End Times for Mainline Seminaries? | Religion Dispatches:

"Frankly, it’s remarkable that so many mainline seminaries are still around. The denominations most commonly labeled mainline—United Methodist, Lutheran (ELCA), Presbyterian (PCUSA), Episcopal, American Baptist, United Church of Christ and Disciples of Christ—peaked in membership in the 1960s, two generations ago. Downward trends in membership have affected seminaries in multiple ways, financial and missional.

 All three classes at Bethany Lutheran Seminary, ELS,
gathered for a group portrait.

“Rich endowments can stave off the inevitable so long that, when closure comes, it feels sudden rather than inevitable.”

On average, sponsoring denominations provided nearly half of their seminaries’ operating funds in 1970, but that percentage fell as denominational budgets shrank. By 1993, individual donors were providing more financial support to seminaries than were denominations. Tuition also became more important as a revenue stream, prompting schools to vary their degree offerings and delivery methods. A three-year, residential Master of Divinity degree remained standard, but online and low-residency versions proliferated, as did other master’s and Doctor of Ministry degrees, as well as lay ministry certificates."

 Remember how CFW Walther rigged the election of F. Pieper to replace him? (See Fuerbringer.)
ELCA rigged the election of this bishop in the same way.
 Yes, you too can set up your own "ministry" in WELS,
give yourself a call,
and solicit communications from troubled members.

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