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Friday, January 6, 2017

Briefly Noted after Vacation Night in Joplin, Missouri, Home of Bob Cummings

 Bob Cummings (Joplin native) and Julie Newmar

We visited the frozen tundra of Joplin, Missouri, famous for the tornado and Bob Cummings. It so happened that we had just seen Dial M for Murder, a superb movie by Hitchcock, with Cummings in a lead role. Grace Kelly was the intended victim.

We returned with a boot full of books. Sorry, I switched to Hitchcock English. A trunk full of books.

One bunch is a complete set, free -  Keil-Delitsch Old Testament Commentaries. Readers get the first dibs on the set. The first email gets it. Big, very detailed set. I suggest asking only if you really want to use it. I will send it for $30 media mailing cost.

There are more theology books, which I will detail later.

  1. Creation Gardening is being proof-read. Artwork is next, then final fixing up and finishing via Janie Sullivan.
  2. The Lost Dutchman's Goldmine will be completed fairly soon.
  3. Next week is a broadcast on New Testament Greek. Classes will follow the next week.
 Keil-Delitsch. One of the authors was very close friends with Bishop Stephan. I used to own the set in German, owned by a faculty member from Mordor.