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Friday, January 20, 2017

Onward Toward Completing The Lost Dutchman's Goldmine . The Finishing Editor Has Creation Gardening

Janie Sullivan is the third wire on the Martin Chemnitz Press aircraft carrier, snagging errors missed by the author and the proof-reader - landing yet another book and ebook on Amazon.

Later today I will read that sentence and think, "Too much coffee - or not enough."

I can thank four ladies for making this book possible -

  1. My wife Christina made excellent suggestions about planning and expanding the rose garden. One of my friends said, "Under a maple?" That was my response - but it worked very well. Who said replace the front lawn with roses? She did.
  2. Norma Boeckler's art, on the cover and inside, is matched by her beautiful garden. That cover is her garden, and she shares her Creation art with people every day on Facebook.
  3. Virginia Roberts has been proofing my blog posts, and she proof-read the book, going over it a second time for final edits.
  4. Janie Sullivan is the finishing editor, who gets the Word file ready for Amazon and Kindle e-books.
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