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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Quenstedt on Justification. The Real Issue Is - What does the Word of God Teach?

 Dr. Robert Preus said he loved Quenstedt's style so much
that he wanted to name a son "Quenstedt."

A Lutheran Out West:
FYI: I found an online copy of Heinrich Schmid's "Doctrinal Theology". [GJ - As did I.]


I gather the UOJ people condemn Schmid? [GJ - Glende's fake blog condemned me merely for linking the web version of Schmid's excellent book full of orthodox Lutheran quotations.]

The citations in the book never separate justification from the imputation of Christ's righteousness. But UOJ demands such a separation! I noticed that in my conversation with Steve Flo, though I did not fully grasp the significance of it at the time. I found the following quote from Quenstedt in the book, which is excellent. Do the UOJ adherents believe that Quenstedt was "not Lutheran", as they claim about Hunnius? My Kindle reader shows this to be from page 390 of the book, chapter on Justification:

(ib.): “These parts (so to speak) are not different or distinct essentially (τω ειναι), but merely logically (τω λογω); for the imputation of Christ’s righteousness is essentially nothing else than the remission of sins, and the remission of sins is nothing else than the imputation of Christ’s righteousness, so that either word separately taken expresses the whole nature of justification. 

Whence the apostle Paul, Rom. 4, interchanges the forgiveness of sins and the imputation of righteousness in his description of justification, which he sometimes defines as the forgiveness of sins, and sometimes as the imputation of righteousness. For, as it can properly be said that at one and the same time, and by one and the same action, the expulsion of darkness from the atmosphere is the introduction of light, so one and the same wicked man, at one and the same time, and by the very same act of justification, is both freed from guilt and pronounced righteous."


GJ - 

 One ELS pastor thought this graphic was misleading,
because the Calvinist translator Woods used these words
to explain Knapp. The point of this graphic is to show that
the beloved terms Subjective Justification and Objective
came from Pietism and Calvinism -
not Luther, not the Concordists, not the orthodox Lutherans.

I was quite clear about this in 2010 and thereafter.
Here is precise information  about Knapp and Woods from 2008.

What is the real issue? That ELCA-WELS-LCMS-ELS-CLC (sic) leaders teach the cowardly Universalism of rationalist Pietism, against the Justification by Faith of -

  1. The Scriptures 
  2. Luther - especially the Galatians Lectures, commended by the BoC.
  3. Melanchthon
  4. Chemnitz and his fellow editors of the Book of Concord
  5. Gerhard, who worked to complete Chemntiz Harmony
  6. Calov, whose Bible commentary was treasured by Bach
  7. Missouri's 1905 German catechism
  8. Gausewitz' catechism, and
  9. Dr. Robert Preus' Justification and Rome.

As I wrote to Out West, he is asking the wrong questions. The UOJ advocates start with their own man-made traditions and filter everything through those traditions. Americans are looking for doctrinal clarity from the Word of God, but their next ridiculous conference is about Walther (UOJ), Koren (Norwegian Pietist), and Hoenecke (Halle University graduate, mentored by a Universalist - Tholuck).

Sure, the Great Walther was a real Luther, teaching Halle Pietism and sailing to America with a kidnapped niece and nephew, not to mention a bishop without a college degree and the bishop's mistress next door.

The 10th Annual Emmaus Conference is Friday, April 28th, 2017, with a banquet the evening prior on Thursday, April 27th. The topic for the 2017 Emmaus Conference will be: “The Unsuspecting American Luthers”. The backgrounds, challenges, and impact of several Lutheran theologians in the 20th Century will be explored and discussed.
Daniel Preus
Daniel Preus
 John Brenner
John Brenner
Markos DeGarmeaux
Markos DeGarmeaux

2016 Emmaus Topic & Speakers

The 2016 topic for the Emmaus Conference is entitled, “Are We Experiencing the Lutheran Reformation Eve or Twilight?” We are excited to have the Rev. Dr. Lawrence Rast, Jr. from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana, as our lecturer.
Rev. Dr. Lawrence Rast, Jr.
Lawrence Rast, Jr.
Dr. Lawrence Rast serves as the sixteenth president of Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne and is a professor of American Christianity and American Lutheranism. Dr. Rast joined the Department of Historical Theology in the fall of 1996 after serving as pastor of Ascension Lutheran Church, Madison, Tennessee (1992-96).
The following speakers will give the lecture and reactions.
2016 Emmaus Conference Speakers:
  • Lecturer: The Rev. Dr. Lawrence Rast (LC-MS)
  • Reactor: The Rev. Pres. Paul Wendland (WELS)
  • Reactor: The Rev. Prof. Erling Teigen (ELS)

Our Righteousness before God

The theme of the 2015 Emmaus Conference proved a timely topic. “Our Righteousness Before God…Is Revealed in the Gospel. On this Righteousness Faith Relies.”
David Jay WebberThe lecture was given by the Reverend David Jay Webber in two parts.
  • Part I: Why Objective Justification Mattered to the Reformers
  • Part II: Why Objective Justification Matters to Us
The title is a direct quotation from FC SD III:57. Part I dealt with the patristic evidence and with the issues of the Reformation. Part II dealt with the issues of the Synodical Conference conflict with synergists and pietists, and with today’s issues.

What is the name of Article III, the Formula of Concord?
Answer - The Righteousness of Faith.

Matthew 15:7 Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying,
This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.
But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.
Jar Jar Webber said he proved that Luther taught Objective Justification. I wonder why Jaroslav Pelikan, editor of Luther's Works would say about that sloppy, lazy, tendentious essay. Pelikan and many real scholars - not brain-damaged by Walther worship - know that Luther taught Justification by Faith.

 Webber mentioned the Galatians Lectures in his
error-filled rant, but he has never shown any knowledge of the content of that book.