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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Tactics of the Left - Censoring Anything That Displeases Them - Sanctimony Dripping from Their Lips

 Bultmann is a good example of Pietism turning into pure Rationalism,
while still making a living off of Biblical piety.
That is the WELS-ELCA-LCMS-ELS-CLC (sic) today.

By now most people realize that ObamaCare was a complete fiasco, forced into law by deceit and manipulation. Some are hanging onto the myth, so I pointed out that it was designed to fail and morph into total government control - "single pay" - as promised by candidate Obama in 2008.

What followed on Facebook was a series of personal attacks, which got uglier and uglier. No one wanted to touch on the facts of ObamaCare. No, I was a horrible person, a monstrous Christian, even mocked for having a fun, old photo as my profile - as if that never happened before on FB.

I kept feeding the frenzy, simply by pointing out what the Left could not face.

The format was familiar. I have seen the tactics used by the dying Lutheran sects for decades.

  • A new agenda  is beyond questioning, because it is pure truth and goodness.
  • After a bit of discussion, the attacks are launched.
  • The facts only enrage the apostates, making them even more venomous.
  • People take turns issuing their denunciations.
  • Most are silent, because they do not want to be targets.

For example, the Chief Article of Christianity is Justification by Faith Alone, but the ELCA, WELS, LCMS, ELS, and CLC (sic) all say their Pietistic, rationalistic UOJ is the Chief Article.

The Chief Article is a fact, not a theory or myth, and the Book of Concord is exceptionally clear - linking Luther, Melanchthon, and Chemnitz to that foundational thought. But where do any of the apostate leaders acknowledge this to be true? Has anyone read Luther's Galatians, the old German LCMS catechism, the original Gausewitz?

 Have you bought your Reformation shot glass yet?
Doggy t-shirt? Here I Stand socks? Bottle opener?

Their UOJ is the Chief Article (Bivens plagiarizing Zarling) is a fatuous lie, but they have laid down their new agenda in spite of their published contradictions, and no one can debate.

While honoring the Reformation with their lisp (intentional spelling), their hearts are dead set against Luther's Biblical doctrine.