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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Now Shipping - Creation Gardening - Two Copies Each

 Creation Gardening is sold retail on Amazon
and their Kindle e-books.

Creation Gardening is in print now, but I have not seen the print copy yet.

Today I am sending out two free copies of Creation Gardening to each of our regular members and friends.

I am making a list, checking it twice. If I overlook you, let me know. Or, if you are anxious about getting your copies, just email me at

Let me know right away if you want more than two.

They are full color on the inside, so they take more time to print and ship.

Our marketing efforts are designed to get free and low-cost books to people. Members and friends have been very generous, so it is far better to send out $5 gardening books than to expect people to pay $20 retail.

The Lost Dutchman's Goldmine is being finished, God willing, in the next few weeks.

Luther's Sermons
A recent discussion with a reader fixed me on a new target - publishing the Lenker set of Luther's Sermons, print and Kindle. I have seen outrageous prices for this public domain set, which makes it difficult for anyone to obtain it. In fact, I ordered the old seven-volume set for one person and they only delivered one volume of it.

Since it is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, vendors have decided to mine the gold for themselves.

In contrast, we can make it available at cost, four volumes for about $32.

Immediately after, a reader wrote this:
I read about your proposal to publish Luther's Sermons. That's the main reason I came and continue reading the blog - for his sermons, accessible in one place. I've already mentioned I'd much rather have a physical copy to highlight, underline and write notes in the margins. For $32, that's a real bargain. This is a great service to Lutheranism and I may have to pick up several sets to hand out. I'll be on the lookout for more information.