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Monday, February 6, 2017

Someone Is Missing from the 500th Anniversary Emmaus Conference - Luther

These guys know next to nothing about Luther, so they make their synodical heroes "unsuspecting Luthers."

Luther earned a doctorate and had a distinguished career when he began the Reformation by posting his theses in Latin.

Walther had a BA and was a loyal disciple of an adulterous, syphilitic Pietist - Martin Stephan.

Luther taught the same consistent doctrine - Justification by Faith based on the efficacy of the Word.

Walther taught consistently against Luther and the Scriptures, basing his dogma on what he learned from Stephan, who never graduated from a university - but attended Halle U. and dropped out. Walther confessed and did not deny, but confessed that he learned justification from Stephan.

Luther changed the concept of the Christian home by living it.

Walther hypocritically covered for the adultery of Stephan, joined in the exodus caused by Stephan's house arrest, and soon "discovered the adultery" - an excuse to organize a mob, threaten and rob Stephan, and kidnap him to Illinois.

As someone observed, the Stephanite migration was a cancer transplant. So how does any of that make Walther "the American Luther"?

The 10th Annual Emmaus Conference is Friday, April 28th, 2017, with a banquet the evening prior on Thursday, April 27th. The topic for the 2017 Emmaus Conference will be: “The Unsuspecting American Luthers”. The backgrounds, challenges, and impact of several Lutheran theologians in the 20th Century will be explored and discussed.
Daniel Preus
Daniel Preus
 John Brenner
John Brenner
Markos DeGarmeaux
Markos DeGarmeaux