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Sunday, March 26, 2017

A WELS MDiv Thesis So Excellent That It Shares Space with Jay Webber's Equally Verbose Nonsense in the WELS Essay Files

How bad was the first draft?
Or is this it?
22 FEBRUARY 2017

The question has been asked, “Why just focus on the youth and worship education? Why not focus on worship education to all age groups?” While that question certainly is valid, the reason that this paper specifically focuses on the youth is because the youth are at a crucial stage in life. The older they get, the more independent they become. That is something that we cannot avoid nor should we. When our young people become more independent, the more they are attacked by the outside influences of this world and they are vulnerable to follow the evil influences of this world. The only way that teenagers will be able to combat the evil of this world is by continuing to receive nourishment from the Means of Grace. Where do our people receive the Means of Grace the most? Public worship! But if they do not understand why their WELS church worships the way they do, worship most likely will not be edifying and thus they are less likely to return. That is exactly what is happening. Our teens are leaving the church.
There’s the sound of pounding feet outside our homes and churches these days – the sound of teenagers running away from the Christian beliefs that parents and the church have taught them. Some studies estimate that less than one-third of our students who are active Christians while they’re in high school will still be active when they graduate college.
 Christian churches everywhere are losing about two-thirds of their kids during and after high school. 1 Those are daunting statistics!

One There Is Who Has Been Trying to Light the Path - 

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