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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Former Cottage Grove ELCA pastor pleads guilty in federal child porn case – Twin Cities

ELCA Pastor Helker is facing federal charges,
but WELS PR head Joel Hochmuch got immediate public absolution from WELS SP Mark Schroeder
and a very light sentence with work release time.
Hochmuth re-offended and went back in the hoosegow for five years.

Former Cottage Grove ELCA pastor pleads guilty in federal child porn case – Twin Cities:

"Investigators linked Helker to the case through a Facebook profile, which included an All Saints email address that was used in the international porn exchange. Investigators found evidence of pornography involving children as young as 5 years old.

Upon Helker’s arrest, All Saints quickly placed him on administrative leave and then dismissed him. The church issued a statement that in part asked for “prayers for all affected.”

Authorities executed search warrants at the church and at Helker’s home in Pine City, about 75 miles north of Cottage Grove. There they found a laptop with 120 gigabytes of data, most of which appeared to be child pornography images and videos.

The federal court plea agreement notes that Helker had 900 child porn images and 300 child porn videos in his possession, and that he created “sexually explicit collages” with superimposed photos of four known juveniles. "

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Hochmuth's resume had a number of red flags,
and he had been caught before.
Did WELS report him previously, as mandated by law?

 WELS fire extinguisher guy Scott Barefoot issue his own divine call for a "ministry" where he seeks confidential information
by email and shares details on his Facebook page.
He invites himself to various congregations and
claims to be invited.