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Friday, March 24, 2017

Projects Timetable - Luther, More Luther, and the Dictionary

Luther's Sermons
Luther's Sermons, 8 volumes, are in Word, so the editing has begun. The idea is to make the volumes as neat and readable as possible. Each volume will start with a Best of Luther section for that volume, with quotations from the sermons and their location.

I am eliminating the superfluous outlining at the beginning of each sermon in the Lenker edition and streamlining the table of contents, which should link easily when people buy the Kindle version.

These books will be in black and white to keep the cost down. Those who order directly from me will get the author's cost plus shipping, a very large discount from Amazon's retail price.

Large and Small Catechisms
The Small Catechism does not need anything from me, beyond the text itself.

The Large Catechism is neglected, even though the "conservative" Lutherans all pledge a meaningless "quia subscription" to the Book of Concord. Pledges are meaningless about what is not taught in seminary or not known at all.

The editorial work for the Large Catechism will consist of introductory explanations for each section.

Jack Kilcrease, Roman Catholic lecturerr
and ELCA online professor of nonsense at ILT,
asked for a  graphic and inspired this one.
Born WELS and attending an ELCA college and seminary,
he is an inspiration to Jay Webber,
who is patiently leading the ELS into the bosom of ELCA,
from whence he came.

The New Lutheran Dictionary
I worked out a template so I could enter some quotations and terms in it as I work on other projects. Ambrose Bierce left an indelible impression on me, so this will be fun.