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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Review: Justification Reconsidered | Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary

 WELS review - straight out of Sioux Falls Babtist Seminary.
Funny how Tomzak omitted that crucial word
Babtist on his resume.

Review: Justification Reconsidered | Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary:

"More, we always stand in danger of losing Paul’s “more radical perception of human sinfulness” (97-98) which required a Christ who comes down into our flesh, who saves us, who forgives us, who justifies us, by God’s grace alone through faith alone. That Christ gets us in and keeps us in."

'via Blog this'

GJ - The WELS reviewer also attended the Babtist seminary in Sioux Falls.

Note the typical UOJ weasel words, which mean that God forgives and saves us - universally without faith - but this becomes true when we make a decision to say it is true (following Walther's Halle Pietism).

who saves us, who forgives us, who justifies us, by God’s grace alone

UOJ Stormtroopers will correct anyone who says |Justification by Faith". They will say "Justified BY GRACE through faith", to signal their use of Walther's dogma, the WELS-ELS-ELCA-LCMS stink they market as perfume.

Although Tomzak pretends to be discussing Justification by Faith - and even uses that term - he is really talking about the dogma of the apostate denominations - UOJ. Therefore, his review is ambiguous, conflicting, and disingenuous.

 WELS hates the Book of Concord and disregards Luther,
so they drying faster than Hillary's 2016 campaign.
Oh, that is dead already? So is WELS.