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Thursday, April 6, 2017

From 2012 - Pastor Bickel Explains Why WELS Kicked Rydecki Under the Bus

If they can throw the SynCon President under the bus,
they can toss anyone else.

Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel has left a new comment on your post "DinoLutheran Asks about Samuel Huber and UOJ":

Ichabod -

I believe that it is most natural for church hierarchy to make war upon its own, principally because of two major reasons:

A - It has become comfortable with its own recent church tradition, founded in the [false doctrine] commandments of men. [You have pointed out such recent roots in the 1932 Doctrinal Statement which became a rallying point digressing from the days of Luther and the Lutheran Confessions contained in the Book of Concord]

B - WELS church hierarchy feels it is too far vested in the very false doctrine which it has pushed and promulgated. It would be too humbling to admit its error and stand to be corrected by "outside" beggarly elements such as efforts by you and others. Such is beneath those who comfortably rule and reign in these non Scriptural parish pastor positions of man-made control and high regard.

The cowardly suspension of Pastor Paul Rydecki by the WELS church hierarchy, tells at least 3 things:

1) The WELS Council of Presidents and Synodical President Schroeder are unwilling to take a step back and witness how the WELS has drifted away from the Scriptural Christianity of their Lutheran forebears.

2) WELS church hierarchy is very concerned that many WELS pastors do not subscribe to their universal objective Justification mantra stance. Hence, this recent suspension to warn WELS pastors not to preach and teach the truth of Scripture; the Lutheran Confessions and Luther. This WELS intimidating action is a form of bully control over pastors who have so much invested in the church of their youth and seminary days.

3) WELS church hierarchy has now set forth a litmus test to its entire clergy. This is a very simplistic, yet devilish device to "encourage" and lean on all clergy to hue to the universal objective justification party line. These WELS ecclesiasts could be somewhat compared to our nation's liberal news media who have cast their lots (hook, line and sinker) behind a corrupted White House occupier. These head cheese churchmen will fight tooth and nail to rationalize and justify their pet false and corrupted doctrine. Come hell or high water, and no matter what, everything and everyone is but dust under their sanctimonious feet.

Nathan M. Bickel - pastor emeritus