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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Rolf Preus Atttacks Walther's UOJ on LutherQuest - Truly an Epic Feat

 If Rolf tried his faux-exegesis on a group outside the narrow confines
of the Walther cult, he would last no longer than
a car battery from Sears.

The UOJ salesmen try so hard to prove my assertions right:

  1. They have no concept of the efficacy of the Word, contra-Luther.
  2. They cannot connect their buffoonery to the Means of Grace and stay silent on that topic for that very reason.
  3. They contradict each other - undermining the Great Walther even while bowing before CFW's multiple shrines in Missouri (the state).

Rolf Preus:
The grace of God is locatable. It isn’t floating out in space. It’s not there in the beautiful sunset or the cool waters of the forest stream or even in the laughter of a little child. These are beautiful things, but they don’t grant you the forgiveness of your sins. God’s grace is located where his dear Son suffers and dies. It is as Jesus suffers on the cross that he intercedes: “Father, forgive them.”

However, Rolf's dogma floats and blows away like foam. Does he connect grace with the Word? With the Means of Grace? He seems to be afraid to say the precious words - Objective Justification - but he is certainly trying to teach the same thing he goes back to prop up with another volley of words.

The grace of God is located in the Gospel Word. Therefore, the entire world was NOT absolved of sin the moment Christ died. Hardly anyone in the world heard or knew this Word, although there were a few.

What Rolf teaches is pure Enthusiasm, detaching the Holy Spirit from the work of God. He should study the Smalcald Articles on this topic - or Melanchthon's Apology on Justification by Faith - Romans 4.

I am disturbed that Rolf has departed from Walther's dogma, which he got from his syphilitic bishop, which Stephan got from Halle University during a brief stay there. OK, the Bohemians were Pietists, so Stephan probably knew the Easter absolution before Halle.

If the entire world was absolved without faith on Good Friday, then what do the Friday-ists do with the equally absurd Easter absolution? They ignore this issue. How can Rolf be so contrary within the Walther cult?

The Cascione Synod was really quite far-sighted in gathering around a group website called LutherQuest so they could attack Luther's doctrine and preach Walther into heaven.

They anticipated their synods getting together on the basis of hating Luther's doctrine. The Little Sect on the Prairie, the LCMS, and WELS agree on Universal Forgiveness and Salvation without Faith. That is their Helen of Troy, their Rosetta Stone, their basis for cooperation and merger.

Calling the website LutherCide would have been more honest, but perhaps too frank for this era's group of moonstruck Lutherans.

Jesus is the righteous man. When he, who was suffering and dying for the sin of the world, prayed his Father to forgive those for whom he was dying, that is exactly what his Father did. In the death of Jesus, God forgave the sin of the world. As John the Baptist said, “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” As he was bearing that sin and taking it away he prayed his Father for the forgiveness he was purchasing by his blood. And the Father forgave.

Rolf has never figured this out, so rooted is he in Norwegian Pietism. The Atonement is not Justification. The Atonement (with various synonyms) is the act of Jesus in paying for the sins of the world.

 Poor old JP Meyer and his stupefied editors -
the only saints in the Bible are believers.

Justification by Faith is a description of what happens when the Gospel Word is preached or taught to individuals. The Holy Spirit works through the Gospel Word to plant faith in their hearts, from the baptized baby to the converted adult. This faith receives the truth of the Atonement.

Objective Justification is nothing more than cowardly Universalism. Their precious Subjective Justification simply the acceptance of  cowardly Universalism. Walther spells it out in the graphic above. The OJ/SJ terms come from a Calvinist translating the dominant theological work of a Halle Pietist. The Lutheran Reformation did not use those terms, and the post-Concord theologians crushed and exiled the heretic who tried to argue Rolf's line of baloney.

Rolf contradicts Rolf
This forgiveness is received in one way and in one way only: through faith in Jesus, who suffered and died for us. God forgives the whole world for Jesus’ sake. All those and only those who trust in Jesus receive forgiveness and have forgiveness. All those and only those who believe in the gospel of Christ can regard themselves as forgiven by God.

If this is true, then the previous words in the same post! are false. I would like to see the clear explanation of Romans 4 or 10. Instead, Rolf hovers between his precious OJ and the distant vision, still cloudy to him, of Justification by Faith, the efficacious Word in the Means of Grace.

 Calov anticipated Rolf's colossal blunders
in this area and refuted them.
  I heard Robert Preus talk about how much he loved the precision
of Quenstedt. He wanted to name a son Quenstedt.
The entire program of Walther, Pieper, JP Meyer,
Valleskey, Rolf Preus, Jay Webber, and many other dolts
is vanquished by this surgically precise hit on UOJ.