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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Steve Brockdorf - WELS - ELS - Rolf Synod ELDONite - Rolf Synod w/o Rolf - ELS

Brockdorf, on the far left, is distinguished
by his extreme advocacy of UOJ.
Why was he associating with ELDONA
and the ELDONUTs with him?
Heiser and Preus are standing side by side.
His congregation - Reformation Lutheran Church!
Reformation is a truly confessional church.  That is, we hold to the Lutheran Confessions not just because we believe they are a correct summary of the teachings of Holy Scripture, but because we believe that what they teach is the doctrine and practice of the church for all time."

Colloquy Result 

On March 20, the Colloquy Committee voted to grant the Rev. Steven Brockdorf a successful completion of his colloquy and is therefore recommending his membership to our clergy roster at our upcoming convention.

To be fair, the ELS Freedom Fighters
always agreed with Moldstad about UOJ.

The pastors escaping the dark reign of Pope John the Malefactor explained that, when they left the ELS, they did not mean left-left, more like a vacation from the Hellish rule of the infallible rule of Circuit Pastor Moldstad.

The Entire Senior Class of Bethany Lutheran Seminary - Both of Them - Graduates

Seminary Commencement 
The seminary commencement service will be held on Wednesday, May 10, 2017, at 3:00 p.m. in Trinity Chapel. The Rev. Adolph Harstad will be the preacher, President Gaylin Schmeling will serve as liturgist, and the Rev. Herbert Huhnerkoch will represent the Board of Regents. The following will graduate from the seminary with a Master of Divinity degree: Aaron Ferkenstad and Kurtis Freimuth. Following the commencement service, there will be a reception in Honsey Hall honoring the graduates and Prof. Adolph Harstad at his retirement for his 26 years of faithful service. 

Groundbreaking in North Mankato 
On Sunday, March 26, 2017, members of Peace Lutheran Church in North Mankato, Minnesota, broke ground for a new fellowship hall with classrooms. The project includes enhancing sanctuary space by removing a wall and utilizing the area that currently is the narthex. The Rev. Timothy Hartwig serves as the pastor of Peace. Lately the congregation received an acceptance of its call for a second pastor. The Rev. Matthew Moldstad of Kissimmee, Florida, has accepted the call.