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Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Biggest Scam in History - Mainline Dogma, Straight Outta Halle University

Nothing can top fresh coffee, early in the morning. The phone does not ring. No repairmen show up at the door. Birds start to chirp in the trees, but the squirrels do not rouse themselves to raid the bird-feeders or fall off the window ledge.

I wonder why no one is running around with hair on fire about the vast scam being perpetrated by the mainline seminaries - including the Lutheran ones. Even the alleged critics on the sidelines are part of the fraud - conservative apostates, who are like Sanka coffee, a hint of the substance but none of the flavor of the real thing. Mainline dogma, like Sanka, owes its existence to German influence.

Apostasy has many parents, but Halle University - which absorbed Wittenberg University - certainly deserves a place in history for switching so quickly from a school to teach the Bible to one constantly attacking the Scriptures.

 Rolf Preus moved Walther's Easter absolution of the world
to Good Friday. Others declare the Moment of Absolution to
be the angelic message in Luke - Peace on earth...

Perhaps Calvinism is the main ingredient in that movement called Pietism, an artful blend of Roman and Calvinistic cell groups plus a veneer of Lutheranism. The spirit of Calvin is chiefly one of making grand, elegant statements without any Scriptural support. If we listen to Calvin's pontifications, they sound almost like CFW Walther's theses.

The Halle University veterans knew the entire world was absolved the moment Christ rose from the dead. 1 Timothy 3:16 - there it it, but they never notice - no it is not.

1 Timothy 3:16King James Version (KJV)

16 And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was 
  • manifest in the flesh, 
  • justified in the Spirit, 
  • seen of angels, 
  • preached unto the Gentiles, 
  • believed on in the world, 
  • received up into glory.

Lenski calls this passage - the six aorists. The Incarnate Word was "justified in the Spirit," but no mention can be found of the entire world justified, declared innocent. One needs this thesis - "If Jesus is justified, then the entire world is justified." That is typical of Calvin and mainline clergy today.

All the Lutheran seminaries are mainline - ELCA, LCMS, ELS, WELS, CLC (sic). The sideline Lutheran critics and gurus are also mainline - Otten's Christian News, LutherQuest (ha!), Steadfast Lutherans (haha!), etc. They all agree that the entire world is forgiven and saved, just as the Universalists do. But more than that, like the Unitarian buddies of the Universalists, most of them have dropped all the distinctives of the Christian Faith: the divinity of Christ, eternal life, etc.

These mainline leaders reject the Chief Article, which is Justification by Faith in Christ. Nothing irritates them more or energizes them quicker than Justification by Faith. They shun, excommunicate, and excoriate anyone suspected of teaching that dreaded doctrine.

The Right Wing of Apostasy makes a living by criticizing the Left Wing of Apostasy, even though they share the same repudiation of the Chief Article.

The Left Wing makes it easy. One Episcopalian seminary merged with Union Seminary in NYC because Union recognizes all religions as valid. Likewise, my old seminary - Waterloo Lutheran in Ontario - delights in having a Jewish scholar on the teaching faculty, plus other oddities,such as a Methodist professor who pastored a Mennonite congregation in town. Mrs. Ichabod said, "What?"

Like the Roman Empire, the apostates worship every god except the One True God. Him, the apostates persecute night and day, between fund-raising events.

The "conservative" Lutheran apostates look at ELCA's seminaries and say, "Look at how horrible, unionistic, and bankrupt they are!" But they should be saying, "We are only a baby-step away from them. We should discuss that at the next WELS-ELCA-LCMS-ELS joint Thrivent project.

Mordor, in Mequon, was inviting Jewish scholars to teach them, many years ago. Concordia in Ft. Wayne was doing the same - with ELCA leaders and the heresiarch Richard John Neuhaus. As I recall, Father Neuhaus also taught at Concordia, St. Louis.

As Luther warned, when the Means of Grace are jettisoned, foul errors rush in to replace the truth. Readers can judge for themselves - when the following Lutheran theologians wrote their statements, did they not seem to be arguing against the flatulence of UOJ?

 The Preus Family franchise does not want me to quote what
the Preus brothers edited and published.