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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Tonight's Greek Class Is Postponed Due To Rain.
Volume 1 of Luther Ready for the Artwork

Norma Boeckler's website is here.

Our latest rain left 7 inches of rain, as measured by my wheelbarrow. We have one day off - today - followed by three days of rain. Since I have to deal with wet ground before and after, perhaps a delivery at 2 PM or later, I thought it would be best to delay the Greek class.

I studied how long bare root roses could be soaked before planting. Some gardeners on the Net tell of leaving them in water, below the cane level, for weeks - by accident. That would be OK, except for the prospect of facing an even muddier place to plant them.

If they are planted, three days are a blessing for settling the soil, energizing the soil creatures, and keeping the canes damp.

We decided against storing the manger scene most of year,
so we have left it next to the altar all year.
The rose is Fragrant Cloud.
Falling in Love roses are behind it.

Pink Peace like to bloom all over the bush at once.
Veterans' Honor has blooms that simply glow in the garden.

 Fragrant Cloud - from the side.

Volume 1 of Luther's Sermons will be ready for the artwork today - Norma will work on the set.

Each volume will have a selection of Gems from Luther's Sermons. A final volume will compile the gems separately, probably a larger selection.