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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Walther's Dystopian Dream Has Come True - ELCA, WELS, LCMS, and the Little Sect Are United against Luther

 Students and the laity are encouraged to read
the rah-rah propaganda of the Walther cult.
Look at where Universalism landed ELCA -
the rest of the groups are following ELCA's lead.
WELS will celebrate the Reformation at an ELCA college,
Carthage in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

I am thinking out loud about a future essay on Two Felons and a Christian Leader: A Critical History of Stephan, Walther, and Loehe.

I have to write it, because no one else in Lutherdom will. The Lutheran historians are just like the originals in the Roman Empire, employed by rulers to write propaganda. They are the myth-makers and legend-polishers, practitioners of the second oldest profession.

They polished and cleaned up the Walther Shrine
in St. Louis - creepy!

Walther was not a Lutheran, but an anti-Lutheran. He had a unique opportunity - which he created for himself - to be the dictator of a denomination, so he could supplant Luther. Stephan taught that he was the only Means of Grace in the world. When his sex cult left Europe, with Stephan's mistress on board, along with a number of kidnapped children, they took the Gospel with them - as Stephan declared. No one was allowed to say otherwise. Stephan laid claim to the souls and bodies of the young women in the group, as testified in the trial that cause him to leave Dresden in disgrace.

The spirit of Stephan inhabited Walther,
and lives today in the LCMS-WELS-ELS.

We could blame such claims on Stephan's syphilis, but the same self-glorification can be found in Walther. Those not raised in the LCMS franchise can recognize the spirit of Walther-worship, which his followers promote by denying the facts. The other Lutheran groups certainly had a flair for unionism, with pulpit exchanges with the Reformed. But Walther was primarily a Pietist, and Pietism is union theology, blending Lutheran doctrine with Calvinism. Spener is called "the first union theologian." I recall a factoid about Law and Gospel - that Walther criticized Pietism, but never Spener. In that era, no Lutheran criticized Spener.

Walther only had a rationalistic BA from Leipzig. He grew up with a rationalistic father, who was a pastor. CFW and his brother were part of a Pietistic circle of clergy wannabees who moved from one abusive cult leader (who died) to another - Martin Stephan.

This creepy Walther shrine, statue inside,
is found in St. Louis.

Born to rule and supplant Luther,
if allowed. 

ELDONA's publications are called Repristination Press. The term repristination is associated with Walther as the pope-theologian. Repristination Press pre-existed ELDONA, and the titles mostly avoid the Reformation itself in favor of minor figures afterwards.

Cascione's mini-cult wants to Reclaim Walther! so they can attack Luther's doctrine at every opportunity - on LutherQuest!

To become the LCMS Synod President and work with ELCA at every opportunity, a pastor must bow before the shrine of Walther. CFW is one of many gods worshiped in St. Louis: The Ethical Society (no god), Buddha, Confucius, and Walther. Missouri has another statue at the Purple Palace and yet another one labeled The Great Walther. Like the Mormons, the LCMS has people stationed at the scene of Walther's crimes in Perryville to tell fatuous fables about Stephan's bootlicker and enforcer.

Harrison wrote - or had ghostwritten - a book that would stamp him as Walther-certified. I had to photoshop it for honesty.

The LCMS-ELS-ELCA-WELS leadership keeps their UOJ under wraps most of the time. But they jump out like trapdoor spiders and attack any pest who gets near their lair of cowardly Universalism.

They do not need to own every square inch of their territory. These UOJ leaders only need to control the pivotal places of power - the ruling commissions that control who gets hired. By having a majority - or a fanatical minority - on those synodical committees, they decide on everything.

Walther is inside the Purple Palace too.
The grounds were once Roman Catholic,
and the spirit of the Antichrist still reigns supreme.

These leaders like to have staff who are even less able than they are, less apt to teach. The value of hiring a true mediocrity is having someone totally loyal and willing to do anything to avoid working for a living. Walther made sure he had a Pieper following him, to canonize CFW's anti-Luther dogma.

Here is the proof of their victory. No Lutheran seminary says to college and seminary students - "You must read Luther's sermons." No, they force Walther and Waltherian propaganda on the students to supplant Luther. Except in ELCA, tis not wise to mount a frontal assault on Luther. Instead, replace the Reformer with home-grown experts who went to the same seminary and had the same professors promoting the same propaganda.

Chemnitz and the Book of Concord are mentioned but seldom used.

Rambach agrees with the Easter absolution,
but Rolf Preus moved it earlier - to Good Friday.
Was everyone absolved all over again, Rolf?
Some have it during the angelic proclamation - Peace on earth.
Please clarify, UOJists.

Walther had to be Synod President, seminary president, in charge of his own magazine and publications, and the essayist here, there, everywhere. But he opposed Justification by Faith throughout his busy career and substituted Pietism's Objective Justification for the Chief Article.

 The Concordists approved Luther's and Melanchthon's
Justification by Faith, which is clearly taught in the Bible,
from Genesis 15 onward.