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Monday, May 8, 2017

More Silliness This Year at Emmaus,
Where Lutheran Eyes Are Closed to Justification by Faith

 Supper at Emmaus - by M. Caravaggio
Luke 24:30 - 
30 When he was at the table with them, he took bread, gave thanks, broke it and began to give it to them. 31 Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him, and he disappeared from their sight.

The Tenth Annual Emmaus Conference

The 10th Annual Emmaus Conference is Friday, April 28th, 2017, with a banquet the evening prior on Thursday, April 27th. The topic for the 2017 Emmaus Conference will be: “The Unsuspecting American Luthers”. The backgrounds, challenges, and impact of several Lutheran theologians in the 20th Century will be explored and discussed.

Wherever two or three LCMS leaders are gathered together, CFW Walther worship begins. This Emmaus debacle was held in late April, but the papers are not posted yet. In this day of instant publishing, the papers could have been linked on the website. I recall Mirthless Mark Schroeder did not want his shared, years ago, not that he said anything worth publishing. Here is the non-archive archive.

The May 8th Christian News must be the archive, because they posted some promotional bits and photos about the event...afterwards. Oh dear, I missed the conference altogether. David Becker found the event disappointing, albeit without being there. Compared to WELS Luther Days, where Jay Webber spoke to one (1) person - and Natalie Pratt disappeared with the money - Emmaus 2017 was probably a smash hit.

We all know that Preus descendants are the Agent Orange of Justification by Faith. Whenever they suspect that Luther's doctrine is being taught somewhere, they spray their toxic dogma from Halle Rationalists all over, until nothing is left living: no faith, no Gospel, no fruits of the Gospel.

Does anyone wonder why the ELS is almost gone and WELS is corrupt beyond measure? To those who are kicked out of WELS, I always say, "Good for you. They did you a great favor." Alcoholism and adultery are not problems among WELS clergy and teachers - they are resume enhancers, if someone has the right friends and the wrong doctrine.

The strength of the LCMS is its mix of Pentecostal, ELCA wannabees, Walther worshipers, and Lutherans. The Missouri Synod is such a rainbow coalition that the bureaucrats do not have the power or urge to crack down on the Chief Article of the Christian Faith. Anyway, they have Otten to do their work for them. And Logorrhea - and their Fuller/Rome seminaries.

 You were born forgiven kids,
now don't ask any probing questions about this.

How bad is WELS? At Mordor Seminary in Mequon, Wendland is the salesman-in-charge of the New NIV. Valleskey was the previous president, based on years of gushing about Church Growth and studying at Fuller with his pal Bivens (also on the faculty). When I was there in 1987, I did not hear Church Growth promoted in the classroom. But once everyone was "finished," they were also required to attend the post MDiv training, which was all Church Growth. Besides that, when I accepted the call to Shepherd of Peace in Columbus, Ohio, the congregation had me attend Paul Kelm's Church Growth "evangelism seminar," which lasted a week. That event was stocked with such CG kahunas as Valleskey, Hartman, Kelm, Larry Olson, and such like.

The message was clear 30 years ago - the only people who understood evangelism were from Fuller Seminary, although seminarians could also attend the Billy Graham evangelism events. The poster in President Panning's office said, "See Paul Kelm for more information."

Need I say this? - WELS is more fanatical about UOJ than any other sect. Just as the Babtists have dogma that can be taught in five minutes, WELS has their "everyone is forgiven and saved," now make a decision for UOJ. Nothing really matters after that is confessed, and WELS has nothing to talk about in Christian doctrine, except to steal the precious gems, gold, and silver from the Egyptians (as Valleskey gushed) - Fuller, Willowcreek, and the Calvinists.

Thirty years ago, Tim Buelow ('87) said to me, "All the books in your library are Lutheran. All our required reading was Reformed." And yet, WELS brain-washed pastors are quick to say, "Lenski is not good about justification." That really means, "From what I have heard, because I never study, Lenski teaches faith in Christ and opposes our precious UOJ."

Fun fact - When I gave Christian News the Corky paper to reprint, Buelow phoned me to scream at me for doing it. That is how WELS works - a friend is designated to do the hit - just like the Mafia. Of course, the WELS leaders do not mind killing the hitman later, just in case he talks.

The ELS is totally owned by WELS, which is why it previously prospered under the shadow of the LCMS and is dying faster than zoot suits. The ELS leaders actually  stood up to Missouri, in print no less, long ago. Today, Pope John the Malefactor is a WELS mouthpiece.

Pope John and Mirthless Mark are promoters of Mark Jeske's Church and Changers, a merry band of alcoholic false teachers, who will always be pulled out of their drunken messes by the synodical officials. What earns a security firing in secular life - being walked out of the building with personal belongings in a cardboard box - is reason to promote a pastor as the speaker at the national teachers' conference.

Does anyone notice that WELS-ELCA Pastor Mark Jeske has a conflict of interest sitting on the Thrivent board, earning a ton of money, and voting on giving Thrivent money to his projects? No, not at all. That is how the synods work. The leaders are like harpies, as Luther noting, using their claws to scrape money out of everyone's pockets - "for the Lord."

If anyone has a copy of the Emmaus 2017 conference papers, send them to me. No questions will be asked. No identities will be revealed. All fingerprints will be carefully removed. Thanks in advance. That will help my future essay on Two Felons and a Christian Leader: Stephan, Walther, and Loehe.