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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Planting a New Blackberry Garden - Free - In Two Digs

Triple Crown Blackberries have many good qualities, besides being free of thorns:

  1. They grow, bloom, and fruit in the shade, but really grow in the sun or partial sun.
  2. They produce large, good berries - according to our birds and squirrels.
  3. They spread on their own by tipping and shoots, even growing under mulch to pop out and produce another cane where a hole is found

The Logos, the Creating Word, engineered Blackberries and its cousins in the larger rose family to spread through runners and tip rooting. Hold a piece of cane on the soil and it will produce roots and a new cane.

I was thinking about the Gabe Brown principle - "Leave a living root in the ground as long as possible." The Wild Garden has a lot of mulch, but not many plants so far. I tried some Elderberry there, but I learned afterwards that they do better as dormant starts, not when tender and growing in the spring.

First Dig
Blackberries are unstoppable, so I dug out a strong cane. "What's this?" The cane had many runners coming from the main plant. Once I dug it out, I pulled another long runner that traveled under a lot of mulch to find a new place to start.

Second Dig
I found the sunniest spot in the semi-shade of the  Wild Garden, a place where the soaker hose would travel to the thirsty Butterfly Bushes. I put a divot in the ground (something I learned when golfing...once).

Next I placed the runners in the same position they occupied before, shoveled some soil and mulch on them, and weighed this three-part garden down with small branches and logs.

Rain should fall today, and I will build up the plant with more rainwater. I did not have a chance to use much of the stored rainwater when the new front rolled in.

Birds and berries go together in the garden.