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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Potato Roses - How To Video

Some peel the potatoes first.

If the potatoes grow a bit, they are not going to hurt the roses.


GJ - I have not done this yet, except by accident. Long ago I pruned some roses and left the canes on the ground, in a pile. We had plenty of rain, and all the canes rooted simply from lying on the ground.

Many bushes have this power, to root from the freshly cut stems, so the videos above take advantage of God's engineering of the rose.

This is why every Peace rose comes from the original. The commercial rose growers use a-sexual reproduction but they also graft the showy rose onto a wild rose base. After a tough winter, sometimes only the wild rose base will grow and bloom.

Note - multiplying roses on your own is legal, but selling them is not. The commercial rose growers invest a lot of labor in developing, grafting, and marketing roses, in raising them for two years, in storing them in the cold, and shipping them out.

That is also why so many bargains are available late in the planting season (April-May). That massive investment goes on clearance, and lots of great roses can be bought for little more than the cost of a little potted tomato at Walmart. Some of the larger tomato plants are $6 a pot, and bare root roses from Weeks via Springhill were $6 this year.

Large gardening centers will also put their potted roses on sale late in the season. But avoid getting KnockOut roses. They look great for a few years, if pruned, then die. KnockOuts are inherently weak.

 Giving you the skeptical gimlet eye.

Warning! Warning! Watch YouTube Gardening Videos with a Gimlet Eye.
I look over a lot of YouTube gardening videos, and many of them appall me. One gardener showed off his big stand of rye, which he raised as a cover crop. "Now I am going to rototill it into the soil." That proves he does not comprehend the nature of soil, how God's creatures fashion soil from their unique and overlapping skills.

Another video shows a gang of people heaving logs, soil, leaves, and more - to form some kind of compost pile. If you need a posse to garden, you have the wrong hobby.

Yet another has the gardener gathering all kinds of organic material, shredding it himself, and then heating it to get rid of bacteria (!) and other organisms (?). These videos prove that God's engineering will overcome man's foolishness, as long as the measures are not mounted on a massive scale, where the soil is destroyed.

Creation Gardening will save people time and trouble,
while teaching the connection between Creation
and our favorite hobby.

Gardening Is Not Laborious
Gardening requires a certain amount of work each day, but that does not mean hauling and digging enormous amounts of materials to have a good result.

  • If sod makes the best compost, why not compost on the spot by covering the lawn with opaque, organics - like cardboard and wood mulch?
  • If leaves contribute carbon to the soil and shelter beneficial bugs over the winter, why not leave them on the garden and add more from the neighbors who do not read about Creation and bugs?
  • If the soil benefits by leaving it in place, because of fungus and other organisms, why toss, flip, and eviscerate what improves the foundation for all plants?

 Put down that rototiller and
pick up a book on Creation gardening.