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Friday, May 26, 2017

Warning - ELDONA Conference in a Few Days

Like other wannabee bishops,
Heiser has his stooges do his dirty work for him.

Read here about ELDONA's magical transformation
from UOJ to Justification by Faith.

Jim Heiser left the LCMS to join the Lutheran Confession Synod. Jay Webber and Kincaid Smith helped Randy DeJaynes become the LCS bishop, so WELS and the ELS were in fellowship with them for a while. DeJaynes, a teacher, was charged with various offenses and child pornography. DeJanes is now a registered sex offender.

Heiser went back to the LCMS, obtaining a call to Salem in Malone, Texas, staying longing enough to be vested in the LCMS retirement plan. Like Kincaid Smith, he did not like the LCMS, but liked their pension plan enough to remain until he could take it with him - along with the Salem property.

Heiser was 100% in favor of UOJ until he read (and sold) Thy Strong Word, which came out in 2000. Although he professed to be appalled by UOJ, Heiser courted the Rolf Synod, made up of fanatical UOJ advocates, including Rolf Preus hisself. When Paul Rydecki wanted to join ELDONA and bring Vernon Kneprath's group with him, ELDONA suddenly came out in favor for Justification by Faith. That gained Heiser a new congregational property.

As I detailed before, Heiser was perfectly happy to work and study with the Rolf Preus group, until - in the fulness of time - Rolf left and Rydecki joined. The rest of the Rolfians went back to the ELS, gathered under the sheltering wing of Jay Webber.

Heiser and Rolf Preus gladly  posed together
at this joint meeting of ELDONA and the Rolf Synod.

Strange Characteristics of ELDONA

 Oncken - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt  Cheap.

Heiser insists on controlling everything about ELDONA, even the political opinions of its captive pastors. If someone liked Trump, Heiser visited and the pastor suddenly switched to Cruz (who was not a Natural Born Citizen, but a Canadian, eh?)

"Handrich liked Trump. Then Heiser visited. Soon after, Handrich liked Cruz."

Everyone has been silenced since joining ELDONA. If they published a lot before - on their own, they are silent. What happened to Rydecki writing a blog and on Intrepid Lutherans? Ditto Vernon Kneprath  - on Intrepid Lutherans. Ditto - Doug Lindee on Intrepid Lutherans. Maybe I missed their new activity, except for Rydecki translating.

ELDONA seems to be a Black Hole, where no light escapes due to the gravitational pull of the Bishop, the Worshipful Master. Some parishes list their doctrinal stance by displaying the banner of ELDONA. If this group is as Lutheran as they claim, they should trust in the proclamation of the Word. However, that is embarrassing when they reverse direction suddenly and without explanation.

Heiser simply waved away my objections to the Preus clan's UOJ. He spoke for Higher Things - thanked by Klemet Preus (UOJ). He co-habited with the Rolf Preus Synod. Did Heiser encourage them to kick out Rolf? - he hinted they would do so in the future. Rolf left and his fanatical UOJ pastor friends stayed - for a time. Happy, smiling, group photos. Reports in the parish newsletter, etc.

The oddest thing of all is the title, bishop, pursuing and enticing a group who would accept it, a replay of Bishop Martin Stephan. By default, the only ones who join ELDONA are those who already bow to the bishop. The clergy have their own parties - no spouses or postulants are allowed. That makes them seem as secretive as they are.

Nothing is allowed unless the bishop approves first, so the KJV family of translations is largely ignored - except for the Babtist New KJV. When someone donated my books, his meal was interrupted with "Make those books disappear." Imagine the horror of books appearing on a table without Heiser's approval. Heiser did not have the spine to say anything directly, so he sent a stooge to do it for him - and to issue solemn warnings about thinking independently.

 This is ELDONA's own graphic,
which says a lot about their self-image.