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Saturday, May 13, 2017

WELS Pastor John Parlow Is the Church and Change Exemplar

Another Parlow pronouncement -
"The Word works, so dream big."
What did these poor WELSians do,
to have to suffer through Parlow pronunciomentos?

Notice how the WELS Asian seminary
is overloaded with fake doctorates and Jeske Church Growth fanatics. Check out Denver Seminary.

 Mequon graduates like Parlow seem unable to spell -
sited for cited. Tis funny how everyone uses the ad ELCA
argument to excuse their various heresies.
Parlow posed for Ski at one of the Andy Stanley (Babtist)
ministers' conferences. About eight WELS church workers
were there, including Glende, so that was no accident.

Under Mark Schroeder, the Reformer, and his buddies - Buchholz, Steve Spencer, and Joel Voss - the Wisconsin sect has moved top speed into aping the Calvinists and Babtists. There is no better resume enhancer than going to:

  • Fuller Seminary
  • Willow Creek
  • Trinity Divinity School
  • Granger 
  • Andy Stanley Immersions
  • Exponential Extravaganzas
  • Various weird gatherings like Soil.
  • Jeske's School of Enthusiasms, or
  • All of the above (Ski, Glende, Bishop Katy).

The Church Shrinkers are too lazy to get involved in academic pursuits. Their inability to spell and write coherent sentences would have them floundering in the basic introductory classes. So they discuss among themselves the easiest drive-by DMins to purchase and call one another Doctor five minutes after paying their diploma fee.

 Mark Schroeder clamped down on Justification by Faith
and what else?
Oh yes - writing against or leaking to Ichabod.

Doctor John Parlow posted his sermons on the church websty until he was caught presenting old Babtist sermons as his own. After that, those eager to study his solemn, plagiarized, banal baloney were condemned to ask for them from the parish secretary. If Hillary had used that level of security, she would be President of the United States today.

Parlow's lair is Green Bay, Wisconsin, the most alcoholic city in the USA, where a pastor is considered sober if he can still walk after drinking his lunch. No other area of WELS is so famous for plagiarism, false doctrine, and the protection of the Synod President.

As old as I am, I have never heard of a denominational president traveling to a congregation to save the hides of a boozy pastor and his alcoholic side-kick. But with Schroeder, there is no offense from the pastoral epistles too egregious to disqualify his Church Growth buddies:
  1. Plagiarism? No problem. Excommunicate the lawyer.
  2. Drinking on the job? No problem. WELS has bar ministries now, to sanctify their addictions.
  3. Showing porn to female staff? Lighten up, will ya?
  4. Taking an outraged husband to court for telling the truth? Two pastors and two staffer agree - he had it coming. The judge laughed it out of court. "A blogger in Arkansas?" he asked, incredulously. 
  5. Destroying one's first parish and shrinking the second one? Share your wisdom at the next teachers' conference.

Whatever you do, do not rile the board
of Thrivent - or the easily riled Mark Jeske.