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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Writing a Check for What Is Free.
Regenerative Farming's Lesson

 Gabe Brown is a believer
who argues for reviving the ruined soil.

Gabe Brown is a regenerative farmer whose videos are very well done, combining his experience with statistics to support regenerating the soil.

One of his favorite sayings is exactly what I think, "Why ignore free resources and then write a check to buy the same resources?" After Sassy's walk, I went outside to rake up dead grass to place around the base of the newer Butterfly Bush. I promised Mrs. Ichabod it would grow even higher than the other one, which reached 10 feet last summer. The grass and muskmelon remains will feed the soil creatures under the bush.
My landscaper friend says, "Add sugar to the soil." OK, I added fruit sugar.

Brown planted triticale and hairy vetch together as a cover crop, to gain from both plants. Triticale is a grain for forage, putting phosphorous into the soil. Hairy vetch is a legume, pulling nitrogen from the air and fixing it in the roots, through bacterial nodes. The two plants feed each other through the fungal network and build the soil.

You don't own me
Leslie Gore

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Legumes - Wiki
"Legumes are notable in that most of them have symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria in structures called root nodules. For that reason, they play a key role in crop rotation."

Brown is completely against plowing and rototilling the soil, because tillage harms the soil in many ways.

As a farmer, he has to plan his expenses and have a strategy that yields profits. Gardeners have an easier job than farmers, working only a tiny bit of land. But the goal is the same - why write a check for harmful methods that was free and yet thrown away?

Gardeners buy:

  1. Rototillers that harm the soil and while cursing the moles that stir the soil for free.
  2. Nitrogen fertilizers that harm the soil while telling me how they hate clover. And they pooh-poor manure, compost, and mulch.
  3. Pesticides that kill the beneficial bugs that control pests for free.
  4. Fungicides to kill all fungus, including the fungus that forms a nutritional network with plants.
  5. Herbicides that kill a few weeds while harming microbes and beneficial plants like Dandelions.

My basic approach is to build the soil all year, which is why I am fascinated by all aspects of the soil. The simplest goal is to have a lot of active earthworms, although they are merely a part for the whole, a great indication of soil health.

  • Water infiltration rates? Earthworms tunnel and increase those rates.
  • More usable nitrogen? Earthworms increase and concentrate nitrogen from their tiny kidneys and manure.
  • Composting mulch and crop residue? Earthworms are shredders that do this and digest the material via bacteria.
  • Birds in the yard, eating pests? Earthworms are delicious all-protein treats for birds that hunt bugs, and for moles that eat grubs while mixing the soil for free.
The first complaints I hear from gardeners are: clover, moles, and Dandelions.

Luther's Rebuke
One of Luther's best remarks describes the wealthy degenerates courted by Planned Giving Counselors. "They purchase Hell when they could have Heaven for free."

That would not sound so appealing if the Planned Giving Counselors were called Thrivent Salesmen Earning Commissions, would it? "Great news, I have a divine call to sell Thrivent Annuities to unsuspecting hicks and rubes!"

No one was more willing to pay for his horrible sins than Marvin Schwan. The ELS-LCMS-WELS leaders mined that guilt with savage greed and lupine cunning. Schwan donated his estate to his foundation, to fund wild hair projects in each synod and glorify his own name. UOJ is so handy, in erasing the Sixth Commandment to comfort the guilt-ridden wealthy. But Luther says that we cannot pay for sinful works with good works. In fact, the smallest sin cannot be paid for through our merits.

So WELS-ELS-LCMS are in the same state as apostate ELCA, taking away the comfort of the Gospel and replacing it with the false comfort of indulgences. Christ's Atonement is such a treasure that we can say, "He has not only paid for trivial sins, but also for great and terrible sins."

The next post will show how the UOJists are squirming in their own fouled nests, which they feathered with universal forgiveness without faith.

 "Fat, drunk, and stupid amkes you a buddy in WELS and Missouri,
but it won't ever advance the Gospel."