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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

God Created Weeds: Examples of Opportunistic Weeds -

 Crabgrass was brought over as a grain crop, since it produces
up to 250,000 seeds per plant. Church Growth was a commodity bought from Fuller Seminary and cultivated, another opportunistic weed that will not go away by itself.

God created weeds to take over, to cover bare and barren soil, protecting and healing it until better plants could be cultivated there. In a garden, the best protection against weeds is the healthy growth of worthwhile plants. Clover, wild strawberries, and buckwheat provide a low-growing blanket that supplants most weeds in our rose garden. Today I will dig out two clumps of field grass that grows shoulder-high. Those pests established themselves in early spring and grew from the rich soil and rain, shouldering competition aside.

The federal government sponsored and promoted the two worst weeds in US agricultural history - kudzu vine and the Chinese multi-floral rose. The feds now fine anyone who dares to plant what they once hailed as miracles that would solve all problems. The parallels to Church Growth, entertainment evangelism, and cell groups are too obvious to miss.

The Kudzu Vine of Fuller Seminary has swallowed
the Wisconsin Sect, the LCMS, and the ELS.
Staph Infection is Larry Olson's nickname in WELS,
but the gutless only joke. 

In the Parable of the Tares, "an enemy has done this."  Among the Lutherans, the enemy is the leadership. They are the apostates who used Church Growth the way ancient soldiers used their shields, as a moving wall in attacks and as a powerful defense against opponents. Anyone questioning Church Growth was immediately assailed in various ways:

  • Martin Luther Complex - as if the leaders ever read Luther;
  • Lazy - a big joke coming from plagiarists who visit members only under duress;
  • Loose Canons - revealing the fear experienced when the leaders see the Sword of the Spirit at work.
The Church Growth army interlocks its shields to negate any attack. Bivens rises up to protect Kelm from "slander," their word for telling the truth and proving the facts. Tiny Tim defends Kelm. Mark Jeske funds the heresiarch. The Mordor faculty invites him annually as the ultimate speaker for Mission Day, which means Church Growth Day. Martin Luther College (note the irony) invites all the Paul Kelm disciples for Evangelism Day, which is another Church Growth Day. And yet the college and sect are barely alive. Lesson learned? Nope.

 Mueller's congregation was so proud of their cross-dressing picnic that they posted the password
for the entire collection of photos.

When someone finally published an objection to Church Growth in WELS, Wayne Mueller, Prince of Dankness, denied any Church Growth in WELS, and yet claimed - if it were there, it followed confessional principles. Prince Wayne considers the Confessions a license to change doctrine, because that is what the Confessors wanted. So he pretended to be Lutheran, just as his pastor-son pretended to be a lady for the church picnic. Confidential to Wayne - your son was a leader at the weedy Church and Change cult - Church Growthy! and not subtle about it.

God promised pain in childbirth for women and gnarly weeds for the growers, as a response to the two orchard thieves. Ever since, God has used weeds to provide fertility when man neglected the bounty of the soil. I wanted to buy a copy of a famous treatise on the topic - Weeds, Guardians of the Soil. But that priced at $800 per copy, a rare book. So a classic booklet about hated weeds can be like gold, because it was the only one. But now it has been reprinted, and copies are as low as $8 on Kindle.

I enjoy identifying weeds and using them for a time. The Wild Garden is a perfect place to allow and even to promote weeds, since many beneficial creatures thrive among weeds and the remains of the weed crops. For example, wild bees use the hollow stalks of weeds for nesting. Rove beetles like a leaf litter home, high and dry, so they can go out and hunt slugs at night. Comfrey and dandelions create usable calcium for the plants, and a variety of plants will do the same, according to their individual skills.

God uses the weeds of false doctrine to awaken the sleeping souls of believers, to alert them to the dangers ahead, and to punish them for allowing error a foothold, an equal standing, and finally dominance.

But two cautions about weeds are in order. One is that weeds are prolific but sterile. Their abundant crops are not prized, eaten, or sold as commerce. The thistle seed you buy - Nyjer - is not real thistle, so there. So every Church Growth congregation is simply a patch of hearty, watered, carefully cultivated weeds. The squawking traditional members are eased out of power and the weed-sowers are installed, praised, and honored. The Lutheran Church Shrinkers will soon see their dynasties collapse, their children without church vocations, their lavish buildings sold to pay off debts.

The second caution is that weeds will quickly destroy a garden if not kept down by various aggressive methods. I shovel out those tall stands of weed-grass and put the lumps behind the bushes. "You and your sun-loving seed will never grow again!" Another aggressive method is to promote the growth of God's Word, simply by broadcasting it in as many ways as possible. 

The conservative Lutheran leaders are united with ELCA in doing stupid things, and they are reaping a harvest of ELCA weeds, from women's ordination to gay lib. Their faculty members have yet to teach Justification by Faith at their schools or to oppose the neo-Huberism of Objective Justification.