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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Pride Still Goes Before a Fall

 Someone from Jeske's tribe enhanced the self-centered graphic that came from
Mark and Avoid Jeske Hisself.

The video introducing the newly defenestrated Mark Ewart is quite illuminating.

First Mark Jeske talks about how ashamed he is of his tribe, which is apparently the Wisconsin Sect. But it could be ELCA or Missouri, since he is a man of all synods. Not the ELS, of course - the ELS is too small for someone so big. Guess what! The link to Jeske's sneering 2016 introduction of Ewart is now missing. Fancy that. Probably just a server glitch, not because Jeske introduced someone kicked out of his tribe. The link to 2016 misfires and aims at 2017, but 2015 works. Nothing to see, move on.

Ewart's church got the Left Foot of Fellowship on May 26th.

The shame comes from the small number of adult confirmations in his tribe. That is the way to measure a congregation. Jeske has not read much of the Bible, and nothing from the Apostle Paul, who said one thing is required - that he be a faithful steward of the Means of Grace.

1 Corinthians 4 Let a man so account of us, as of the ministers of Christ, and stewards of the mysteries of God.
Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.
The mysteries are the doctrines revealed by the Holy Spirit - the Trinity, Incarnation, Virgin Birth, Resurrection, Ascension, the efficacy of the Word in the Means of Grace.
But Jeske has a sneering attitude toward those who have not measured up to his measures. He is clearly a dolt with a big ego. When I heard him speak about Northwestern College, about 20 years ago, he had the same sneering attitude toward his alma mater. He was clearly too good for that school too. Perhaps he could change his TV show from Time of Grace to The Years of Sneer.
And he did this all on Other People's Money. He loves to brag about his urban church, but he owns his own mansion in Plushville, far away from "his people." Haha. So he can gather tax money and foundation money to leverage himself into a pan-Lutheran board member of Thrivent, where he earns $140,000+ for handling money that often lands in his lap.  Truly, Mark is a miracle worker.
Let us not forget that Jeske organized the Church and Changers who administered the synod and paid one another from WELS offering money. But Mirthless Mark Schroeder broke that up, like a starfish, and tossed it back into the WELSian sea to multiply.
The Jeske touch is a warning sign. Glende and Ski worked for Jeske, and look how that turned out. Glende bullied his first parish to death and argued for its closing. His second call was upgraded to senior pastor and that parish is shrinking. Not for nothing I have called these anti-Lutherans Church Shrinkers, leaders in the apostate Church Shrinkage Movement. And Ski - there is a prize product of the peculating peers of WELS. He has had four calls in four districts, a mobility exceeded only by the trouble he has caused others. 
So one Mark introduced another version of himself at the Change or Die! Conference in 2016. Funny how Mark Schroeder enabled Mark Jeske and Jason Ewart, reminding us that in the confidence racket, a "mark" is a fool who falls for a swindle. As long as the swindle keeps moving, everyone makes money - except the mark. But these Marks make sure they get their money and the benefits they deserve.
Mark Jeske moved from Church and Change to Change or Die! without pausing for breath. The constant is change: Mark wants to change everyone but himself. He also charges them, because such wisdom does not come cheaply.
So now the protege Jason Ewart comes on the scene. We should be grateful for the Internet introducing this whole team of con artists. Ewart has learned the Jeske sneer, which he shares so generously. "Why is Ewart's church doing so well while another one in town is not?" - he sneers. Like the gentleman Jeske pretends to be, Ewart will not name the parish he disparages while using Siebert Foundation money. Jeske will likewise not name his tribe, out of shame.


2017 Death or Change! Speakers

Rev. Billy Brath

Rev. Billy Brath is an Experience Designer who works with churches, organizations, and leaders to develop and produce ministries that effectively reach the culture today.

Rev. Jodi Houge

In 2008, Rev. Jodi Houge started Humble Walk Lutheran Church in a coffee shop during her last year of seminary and has been running to catch up with where this community leads her ever since.
Pr. Chick Lane and Grace Duddy Pomroy

Rev. Chick Lane and Grace Duddy Pomroy

Rev. Chick Lane serves as Pastor for Stewardship and Generosity at Lord of Life Lutheran Church in Maple Grove, MN, and Grace Duddy Pomroy is a millennial stewardship ministry leader. They co-authored "Embracing Stewardship: How to put stewardship at the heart of your congregation’s life."

2017 Panel: Innovative Ministry Practices


Rev. Christopher Bodley

In 2012, Rev. Christopher Bodley accepted the Call from the Michigan District to serve as Missionary-at-large in Detroit for Acts 2 Enterprise, a strategic and holistic urban outreach initiative of the Michigan District, LCMS, and as pastor of Bethany, Detroit.

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Dr. John C. Johnson has 40 years of both teaching and counseling experience. He has taught psychology at the undergraduate level and counselor education at Marquette University’s school of graduate studies.

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Peter Johnson is serving as the mission developer for Chicken Coop Church, a rural church plant he and his wife started in January of 2014 in the north woods of Wisconsin.

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