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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Reliable Apostasy from Otten's Christian News

Rush Limbaugh said he was urged to get into fake fights with other radio broadcasters, to promote his show.

The LCMS does the same, to keep notables in the spotlight, as if they differ much from each other.

In spite of the Biblical witness, the Book of Concord confessions, Luther's sermons, and the theology of Melanchthon and Chemnitz, the following LCMS hot-air merchants are all UOJ and opposed to St. Paul, Luther, and the Holy Spirit:

  • Pastor Herman Otten and his UOJ certified Christian News.
  • Matt the Fatt Harrison and his campaign director, Pope Paul the Plagiarist.
  • Higher Things, the Jugendbund of UOJ.
  • The extended Preus family - minus Dr. Robert Preus, who repudiated forgivenness-without-faith before he died in Justification and Rome.
  • Jack Cascione and both parishes in His synod.
  • The late great CFW Walther and his hand-picked cronies, who crafted a hero myth fit for a cult.
  • Bishop Martin Stephan, STD, Halle University part-time student (no degree of any kind).
  • The LCMS college and seminary faculties - not one professor raising a cry against UOJ and the tribe of Fulleroids who are a pain in the neck.
  • The liberal district leaders who would rather be ELCA.
  • Mark and Avoid Jeske, who is LCMS when he is raising funds, WELS when he feels threatened, occult-success-cult when he is honest. 
  • CLC fake Dan Fleischer wrote against Change or Die! but Dan promoted its dogma through Paul Tiefel and his obtuse companion Dave Koenig.
The fighting and fussing are just to provide a vehicle for raising funds and lowering expectations.