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Monday, June 5, 2017

The Church Where Ski and Kelm Preached - WELS Gives It the Left Foot of Fellowship

SUSPENDED (REMOVED) FROM SYNOD Church Location Date removed Hope LC Oconomowoc WI 5/26/2017


Jason Ewart

Lead Pastor

Kathy Ewart

Children's Ministry Director

Judy Gotter

Office Administrator

Jeremy Treuden

Music and Communication Director

Steve Gotter

Video Producer

Jess Rupnow

Nursery Leader

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Wildcard - pt 2 - Answering Skeptics...with Truth

Pastor Paul Kelm 
Wildcard - pt 2 - Connection Group Questions

Wildcard - pt 1 - Who Do We Say Jesus Is?

Pastor Clark Schultz 
Miracles - Part 4 - Opening Blind Eyes

Pastor Jason 
Miracles - Part 3 - Water to Wine

Pastor Jason 
Miracles - Pt 2 - Poolside Miracle

Pastor Ski 
Miracles - Calming the Storm

Pastor Ski 
Jonah - Part 4 - Holier Than Thou

Pastor Jason 
Jonah - Part 3 - White Flag

Pastor Jason 
Jonah - Part 2 - Distress Call

Pastor Jason 
Jonah - Part 1 - Resistance is Futile

Pastor Jason 


Hope in Jesus is the website name.

GJ - I get the impression this is a Church and Money Changer congregation, with Ski and Kelm preaching, the links to Willowcreek's Little College, etc.

I would listen to the sermons, if someone held a shotgun against my head. Feel free and report back in the comments.

Ski began one with pet peeves. As the Belushi character said in Animal House - "Seven years of college down the drain."