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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Treasure in Old Books - Used Book Market.
Gettysburg Seminary Catalogue

"The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg holds the dubious distinction of having had more persons shot and killed on its grounds than any other theological institution in the United States.  The borough of Gettysburg, itself, hosts millions of visitors a year and, over the year, has had visits from the Ku Klux Klan and been blessed by the enduring presence of the NAACP.  How does one teach religion in this place of death, hatred, hope and a new birth of Freedom?"

One of the fun parts about ordering classic books from the used book market is the low, low prices. Many are available for $1 plus shipping.

Unexpected surprises come from the history of the books. For example, I have often purchased books that were owned by famous Lutheran faculty members of the distant past. Their names are stamped on the inside covers or pasted in on an ex libris label.

When I loan a book, I put "stolen from Gregory L. Jackson" and my phone number. That gets a 100% return rate and a lot of laughter. When people borrow books they often forget the source, but that stolen from note solves the problem.

Our congregational VP obtained a set of Keil-Delitsch. I sent them on to someone who wanted the entire set. Inside one volume was a seminary catalog from Gettysburg Seminary, the site of the famous Civil War battle and now merged with the Philadelphia Seminary, where I was interviewed for a position. That position was already taken, but they had to interview nine others to make sure there was no discrimination. Ah, legalism. It earned me a free trip to Philly.

The Philadelphia Seminary was the result of roughly half of the General Synod breaking away to form the General Council, in the 1860s, when the Church Growthism of the time - revivals - got too obnoxious to tolerate. Imagine that happening today! The congregations and pastors are locked into their synods through pension plans and control of the property. No so then.

The catalog is dated 1885-86.

Former professors listed will test one's knowledge of Lutheran history:
S. S. Schmucker
Earnest Hazelius
Charles A. Hay
Charles P. Krauth
Charles F. Schaeffer
Milton Valentine

They listed four current professors and every person in all three classes. The courses are typical, but included - besides Greek and Hebrew exegesis - Chaldee in the third year. German was expected throughout all three years, to prepare men for future pastoral work.

Louise Johnson moved from the Philadelphia Seminary
to become the new president of Wartburg Seminary (ELCA, formerly ALC).

"For decades, Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia and its denominational counterpart in Gettysburg tried to repair the 153-year-old split that created two religious-training institutions 140 miles apart.
Efforts to join the schools under one banner in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America repeatedly fizzled -- until the pressures of declining enrollment, dwindling finances, and rising costs were too powerful to fight.  Between 2005 and 2015, enrollment declined from  420 to 275 in Philadelphia, and 305 to 138 in Gettysburg.
 Robin Steinke became Luther Seminary's president
after being dean at Philadelphia.

In July, they will become one: United Lutheran Seminary. The new entity will maintain two campuses, though each is likely to shrink to a fraction of its current size in the not-so-distant future. The staff and budget will be smaller, the curriculum transformed to reflect new demands on clergy and  lay ministers.
The merger is part of a tumultuous makeover of seminary education in which theological schools nationwide are consolidating, selling off property, joining universities, and revamping courses of study."

WELS-LCMS-ELS Seminaries Following the Lead of the Mainline Schools in Collapsing Enrollments
 "Get out the wide angle lens - we are going to photograph
all three years of Bethany Seminary students in one group pose!"
Gettysburg averaged 12 per class in the 1880s.

The "liberals" at Gettysburg were better Lutherans in the 1880s than the "conservative" Lutherans at St. Louis, Ft. Wayne, Mordor, and the Little Schoolhouse on the Prairie (six seminary students total at Mankato).

 Facebook cover photo for Martin Luther College graduate - "Sammy Lily Renasci."
MLC is The WELS College of Ministry.

Gettysburg and the General Synod were profoundly affected by the General Council split and its emphasis on the Reformation and the Confessions.