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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Pastor Ben Sadler - Product of WELS Seminary and Church Growth Brainwashing.
What Luther got wrong and why it matters | Pastor Ben Sadler
What Luther Got Wrong

 Jay Webber said the ELS pastors call
Mequon The Sausage Factory,
because everyone comes out the same.

What Luther got wrong and why it matters | Pastor Ben Sadler:

"That’s why I’m writing this blog. Sometimes we can idolize Luther so much that we feel the need to unnecessarily defend everything he ever said or did. But sometimes Luther was just plain wrong. And his errors remind us that we don’t put our trust in a man like Luther, but in Jesus Christ alone."

GJ - That is a typical Pietistic evasion. The WELSians put their trust in Holy Mother WELS. Their only authority is WELS. The faculty at MLC (ironic, eh?) and Mequon would agree all the bilge that follows.

That being said, even Luther had his limits.
  1. He was limited by time. He lived 500 years ago, and our world and our struggles are similar but not the same. He can’t teach us much about living the Christian life in a secular culture.
  2. He was limited by his cultural bias. He had a very “German”/black and white way of looking at doctrine and practice. So he can’t teach us much about healthy dialogue with other believers.
  3. He was limited by his talents and personality. Although he seemed to be gifted in almost every area (preaching, writing, communicating, language, music, leadership, and much more), he didn’t seem to have the gift of empathy or tact. If he didn’t agree with your perspective he would make a sarcastic, caustic comment or even a derogatory cartoon of you. He can’t teach us much about building healthy relationships.
  4. He was limited by the problems that he was trying to solve. He wanted to purify the church of false teaching of work-righteousness. He didn’t spend a great deal of time explaining the Resurrection of the dead and the New Heavens and the New Earth. He didn’t write a great deal on stewardship and money. He didn’t write much about Apologetics (defending the faith). So we need to find other authors for those subjects.
  5. He was limited by his focus. Luther was trying to reform the church in Germany. He was not trying to evangelize an unbelieving nation. So he can’t teach us much about evangelism.
For all these reasons, we need other leaders and writers who can speak to issues that Luther either got wrong or never touched.
Here is a list of authors that have filled in the gaps for me. I hope you have your own list of helpful authors and leaders.
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Join the Booze Brothers Growing Band - Not Just Glende, Ski, and , but WELS Pastor Ben Sadler Too. Bad Theology on Tap

This image is the cover photo for the Facebook page, not my Photoshop.
He also uses it on his church website -

Tullian (the adulterer) fan Ben Sadler posted this:

I stumbled across your blog because tullian (sic) mentioned you. This is great stuff! I’m a Lutheran (WELS) pastor in Orlando, FL. And I just got done reading “Jesus + nothing = everything.” God’s Word, Tullian’s book, and blogs like this have opened my eyes again to the incredible power of the gospel. I just preached on Pentecost. And my eyes were opened to see what I have often missed. The wind, tongues, and every the strong message of the law are all an important part of pentecost (sic), but it was the preaching of the gospel that was the power of God. It was the gospel that did everything! More than anything I need a personal reformation of believing again in the power of the gospel to do all things!

But if all else fails - booze.

"Theology on Tap" is an open discussion led by Pastor Ben Sadler on life's biggest questions, like "Can I really know God exists?" "If God is good why does he allow suffering?" 

Every first Wednesday of the Month, starting February 3rd

Doors open at 6pm. Discussion starts at 6:30pm

At Wenonah Brewery 4065 6th St, Goodview, MN 55987

For more information call 507-450-4431 or check out for more information
Contact Pastor Ben Sadler
Cell: 507-450-4431
You can also reach me on Facebook
5 things to know about Pastor Ben Sadler
1. Important places and dates
Born: December 5, 1982, Milwaukee, WI
Schools attended:Martin Luther College, New Ulm, MN (class of ‘06), Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, Mequon, WI (class of ‘10) .
Places served: Bethel Lutheran, Arcadia/Galesville, WI (’09); Risen Savior Lutheran, Orlando, FL (’10-’14)
2. The best decision he ever made
Asking Emily, his wife, on their first date, proving that he is a good salesman. They were married on November 27, 2004. They have three children: Shelby (7) and Jonah (4) and Annie (2). Shelby is the teacher. Jonah is the comedian. And Annie is a handful.
family photo 2
3.These are a few of his favorite things…
The Gospel. Reading the Bible. Galatians 2:20. Preaching. Biking the bluffs of Trempealeau County. Anything he can do with others: golf, fishing, bean bag toss.

4. He can grow facial hair before lunch. Fascinating!
Keeping his unibrow and beard under control is a fulltime job. Tell us more!

5. Goodview Trinity is his dream call
He continues to praise God to be (to have been called) called to a congregation that loves Jesus and wants to be accessible to the community. He says he already feels like part of the family of believers. When living in Arcadia, WI he and his family often went to Winona to bike, shop, and go to parks. While living there, he once remarked to his wife, “I’ve never been so happy in my life.”


GJ - Ben Sadler has proved what an atrocity a WELS education is. He knows nothing about theology and has the theological taste of a scavenger dog - any author will do - except Luther.
He is not unusual, just more brazen in announcing his ignorance. The faculty there gets worse and worse. No Lutheran professor is left at Mordor.
The radical, apostate Left has done a great job in taking over the LCMS-WELS-ELS, using UOJ and Church Growth. They have also performed well in taking down all three sects.

 Rainbow Satanic flag -
a product of WELS Martin Luther College,
their college of ministry.