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Thursday, July 13, 2017

More on Pietism

 Receptionism comes from the Pietists,
who devalued Holy Communion.
UOJ also comes from the Pietists, who emphasized works over doctrine - Hoenecke.
Spener was the first union theologian - Heick.

We were testifyin' with the doctor this morning, who loved getting another batch of fragrant roses for his office. The staff-members were trading them around, too. We talk about Creation by the Word of God. Mrs. Ichabod recited the opening of John and flabbergasted the physician. Two of her doctors have gone to seminary.

The doctor talked about Southern Babtists being pretty good, but one pastoral leader was just out of his gourd with false doctrine. I said that was a fault among all denominations, including the Lutherans, because celebrity spokesmen become immune to any criticism and corrupted by this universal adoration.

Pietism is the spirit behind this phenomenon, and the results can be seen over the last few decades. Thanks to Fuller unionism and the Lutherans waddling off to get their drive-by DMins there, the Lutherans are completely indifferent to doctrinal issues, as long as no one teaches Justification by Faith.

I have seen the erosion in WELS where Mischke, a Church Growth fanatic, pretended to align himself to sound doctrine - even while meeting and working with ELCA. At last he denied it! Fellowship Principle #1 - deny everything and make excuses for the lying photographs published.

And now, the super-promoter of CG, Mirthless Mark Schroeder, does not even try to evade the triumph of Church and Change or Die

Mark and Avoid Jeske is so subtle, morphing from "God wants His Church to grow...unto Change or Die in your sins!

Once cooperation with false teachers is established, the doctrinal issues evaporate, lest someone be hurt,angry, and offended. Seminex realized that outcome would be realized by working within the LCMS to keep up friendships with the future ELCA, the Church of Rome, and anything that moved.

All factions met at Fuller Seminary - Rome, WELS, ELS, ELCA, and the National Council of Churches. Fuller gave them a religious language to use for their secular management style, to cover their tracks as they hollowed out their churches.

It worked. Let us praise that which works. But as the New Testament clearly teaches, the work of the Father Below, while effective, is not equal to the work of the Word of God.

 "Guys, keep working on UOJ for the Reformation celebrations.
Teach that the Book of Concord is
out of date, boring, and irrelevant.
My team will reward you beyond your wildest dreams and fantasies."