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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Chemnitz on Creative Writing in Theology

Here is a passage from Martin Chemnitz' Loci Theologici in the section about special cautions or reminders when talking about the teachings of the Church.

"Finally, we must note which methods of speaking the church has accepted in the case of an individual locus, and why and with what rationale it rejected other methods so that we do not carelessly, out of a foolish love of novelty, depart from the proper language of the church. For pious people consider it proper to speak in harmony with the church for the sake of peace. Heedless change either produces errors or division. And often dangerous errors are strewn along the way, since many people have grown sick of the 'fisherman's simplicity' of the Holy Spirit and have introduced error under the cover of some ornate and elegant new method of speaking."


GJ - I especially like Chemnitz' phrase - the fisherman's simplicity of the Holy Spirit. Almost all of modern theology - and the posturing on blogs - seems to devoted to showing how creative the writer is, how elegant, how far beyond the basics of the Word of God.

Look at the UOJ statement from Ed Preuss, who became a major figure in Roman Catholicism -

Flowery? You bet. Faithful to the Scriptures? Hardly.