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Thursday, August 10, 2017

WELS Blames Massive Losses on Lack of Babies

 They all signed up for Fuller Seminary courses,
and look what happened

What are the two major themes of WELS? Three - if we count lying?

  1. Universal Objective Justification.
  2. The Church Growth Movement - now called missional, etc.
  3. Deception.
The bad leaven of forgiveness without faith has been permeating the so-called conservative Lutherans ever since CFW Walther learned his dogma from an abusive Pietist who did not even finish his degree - Martin Stephan, STD. Walther identified with Pietists and participated in Pietist conventicles, as his circle did.

The Halle replacement of Justification by Faith did not dominate the Synodical Conference until later. The more UOJ took over, the greater the influence of mainline apostasy, the more feverish the search for gimmicks - typical of unbelievers.

Fuller's Church Growth Movement was cleverly managed and adroitly sold to mainline denominations - a solution for their malaise. Feed Fuller money, mission executives, and professors - voila! - transform the denomination. No, no, nothing to do with actual Christian doctrine. Fuller had no time for that - wink, wink - they had great things to accomplish.

 Honoring the 500th Anniversary with gee-gaws:
CPH sells these.

We now know that the WELS and LCMS leaders were hotter than Georgia asphalt for Fuller, and so was ELCA. The dumber the leaders -Werner, Olson, Bivens, Valleskey, Kelm, Huebner, et al. - the more they loved their Fullerism and hated the opposition.

Missouri was completely out about Church Growth, but WELS was more feverish and secretive. Wayne Mueller lied in print about WELS engorging itself on Church Growth. Valleskey and Bivens either bragged about going to Fuller or lied about it, depending on the audience. Valleskey was angry with David Koenig (CLC) for telling me the truth, which made Koenig furious with me for printing the facts about Valleskey and Fuller.

All the Lutheran seminaries are emptying out, because they have nothing to teach. The congregations are shrinking because they despise the Gospel, repudiate the Means of Grace, and treat members like dirt. Leaders take pride in being colossal jerks and reward their mirror-images in the lower clergy.

 Nothing was ever done to address the false doctrine,
except Mark Schroeder paved the way for more of the same.