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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Good Question - The Best Way To Order Luther's Sermons and Other Books

Dr. Jackson,

Congratulations on completing the Luther books.

What is the best way for our congregation to purchase a complete set (8 volumes) of Luther's Sermons, including the Gems in paperback form?  Should we go through Amazon or through you?  Let me know at your convenience.  It will be a great addition to our little library. 


It is always best to order directly from me, because I get them at the author's price. One black and white volume is $20 retail on the Amazon website, but I get it for $5 or so. 

Color volumes are $60 each on their website, $30 at the author's price.

All the sermons - 8 volumes, black and white, will be roughly $40 from me, plus $10 for the Gems in color.

I estimate the entire cost at $70 delivered. I can be more precise when I have all the prices, but that is close.

How to order? Send me an email and mail me a check. I will order them to be sent to that address or wherever designated. One person has already ordered 6 copies of volume 8.

email -
Address for check - 1104 Letha Drive, Springdale AR 72762
I also use PayPal, if that is convenient for you.

To send them - I fill out an author's price form and have them shipped to the address you list.

 The 8 volume set varies wildly, from $50 to $400. They are very compact, which makes them unreadable for older eyes - presbyoptia.

PS - I consider it an enjoyable task - to post a Luther sermon to Ichabod and also to Facebook - each time we have a service. I use that sermon and Lenski as the basis for my sermon, quoting from and linking them.

 John N. Lenker graduated from little Hamma Divinity School, no longer in existence, but his work lives on in Luther's Sermons.