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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Small Catechism/Dogma-tanic Swindle from Matt the Fatt, Plagiarizing Paul McCain, and Concordia Publishing House

 Matt the Fatt claimed on video that he read Luther all the time! Everyone reads Luther somewhat, but most do not agree with the Reformer. Does the SP agree with Luther? No.

Someone sent me Luther's Huge and Expensive Catechism, hardbound, from Concordia Publishing House. I used to buy the Small Catechism, a dozen at a time, from Fortress.

This CPH goldmine (fool's gold) is the Small Catechism followed by endless Talmudic explanations of everything, over 400 pages with the indices.

Until now, a District President could say - and did say, quoting loosely, "We cannot punish someone for teaching Justification by Faith and against UOJ. Our synod has never had an official teaching or catechism endorsing UOJ."

This hardbound bridge to ELCA is too clever by half. So far I have missed the line foisted upon me by Mrs. Matt the Fatt, "There is Objective Justification and Subjective Justification." But there are evasions that replace Justification by Faith - The Chief Article - with UOJ - from Halle Pietists.

Color code - red is apostasy from ELCA wannabees.
Blue is faithful to the Bible, Luther, and the Book of Concord.

John Sparky Brenner did the same by using Justification of the World versus "individual appropriation of forgiveness." Name it not - SP Grandson - you might melt. I will not dignify your slippery language with color coding. If he had written the truth, which is impossible for UOJists, he would have contrasted Justification of the World with Justification by Faith.

Back to CPH's Huge and Expensive Catechism. They use "Justification by Grace", #210 in rubric red - which is not entirely bad, except they intend to deceive, which is truly evil in doctrinal matters. Why not write Justification by Faith, which is the term used by the Bible, Luther, the Book of Concord, and traditional Means of Grace Lutherans.

The deviousness is clear in that the Huge and Expensive Catechism does not clearly teach UOJ or Justification by Faith, intending to satisfying both markets while pleasing the UOJ Stormtroopers immensely. Besides, the teaching materials clearly articulate the buffoonery of OJ and SJ, as I wrote before.

An honest book would refute one or the other, but the Universalists do not like to refute Justification by Faith. Instead, they

  • Revile
  • Slander
  • Accuse
  • Blackball
  • Shun, and 
  • Misquote

the faithful Lutherans. Example - Rolf Preus (LCMS, ELS, Rolf Preus Sect, Eldonish Fellowship, LCMS again) said one LCMS pastor "befouled" himself for teaching Justification by Faith. When I challenged him about his language, which was published on SpenerQuest, he repeated himself. Rolf did not cite anything wrong but made it clear that his fellow thugs should also disavow the pastor, who published his work without any rebuke or contradiction from the LCMS.

Tell it not in Gath!
Watch CPH slowly withdraw catechisms that teach Justification by Faith. WELS did that so effectively that one can hardly find an original Gausewitz, who was not only WELS but also head of the late, great Synodical Conference.

Just remember that when people claim, anywhere, "We have always taught UOJ!"

 Walter Maier could say the words Justification by Faith, why not LCMS - a sect that brags about him?
Name of the ship? Concordia!
I will look at the Dogma-tanic, the two volume $90 dogmatics book from CPH, if someone has a volume to share.