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I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth. 1 Timothy 2:1-4

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Greek Lesson - Romans 5:11ff - UOJ Is Still Missing.
Read Luther's Galatians Lectures for Answers - Or Galatians

Lenski, Romans p 302 -

"The great fact stands: Abraham was justified by God long before he was circumcised. His faith alone justified him. This towers above all else. And this is vital for us Gentile believers today. We are true children of the father of believers although we are not of his physical blood and are without the rite which he and those of his blood received during the time of the old covenant."

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Romans Lenski - Download and save public domain PDF.

Father Abraham - Example of Righteousness of Faith among Uncircumcise. Lazarus story - Father Abraham. Details matter. Abraham crucial for Romans 4-5, Galatians, James, Hebrews.

11 ου μονον δε αλλα και καυχωμενοι εν τω θεω δια του κυριου ημων ιησου χριστου δι ου νυν την καταλλαγην ελαβομεν
ελαβομεν - We received - the verb is parallel to but a bit different from believed, not making a decision for - but receiving the Gospel. Romans 10. 
την καταλλαγην - The reconciliation and being reconciled - not universal.
12 δια τουτο ωσπερ δι ενος ανθρωπου η αμαρτια εις τον κοσμον εισηλθεν και δια της αμαρτιας ο θανατος και ουτως εις παντας ανθρωπους ο θανατος διηλθεν εφ ω παντες ημαρτον
διηλθεν - come through, go through; word play - eis, dia with verb. Aristotle - edify and delight. Word plays make the message easier to remember.
I thought all were born forgiven and saved - UOJ. Ed Preuss. JP Meyer.
Death to all men. Below the gift to many. Let's not confuse them when Greek is so precise.
13 αχρι γαρ νομου αμαρτια ην εν κοσμω, αμαρτια δε ουκ ελλογειται μη οντος νομου
Paul addressed this earlier as each culture having its own law, but the true Law was not revealed until Moses.
14 αλλ εβασιλευσεν ο θανατος απο αδαμ μεχρι μωσεως; και επι τους μη αμαρτησαντας επι τω ομοιωματι της παραβασεως αδαμ ος εστιν τυπος του μελλοντος
Basil - not the herb - king as a verb, ruled.
15 αλλ ουχ ως το παραπτωμα ουτως και το χαρισμα; ει γαρ τω του ενος παραπτωματι οι πολλοι απεθανον πολλω μαλλον η χαρις του θεου και η δωρεα εν χαριτι τη του ενος ανθρωπου ιησου χριστου εις τους πολλους επερισσευσεν
Also not UOJ - but grace and gift by grace by one Man to many abounded.
16 και ουχ ως δι ενος αμαρτησαντος το δωρημα το μεν γαρ κριμα εξ ενος εις κατακριμα το δε χαρισμα εκ πολλων παραπτωματων εις δικαιωμα

17 ει γαρ τω του ενος παραπτωματι ο θανατος εβασιλευσεν δια του ενος πολλω μαλλον οι την περισσειαν της χαριτος και της δωρεας της δικαιοσυνης λαμβανοντες εν ζωη βασιλευσουσιν δια του ενος ιησου χριστου
Ephasis by repetition - death reigned, abundance of grace.
18 αρα ουν ως δι ενος παραπτωματος εις παντας ανθρωπους εις κατακριμα ουτως και δι ενος δικαιωματος εις παντας ανθρωπους εις δικαιωσιν ζωης
Is this the righteousness given to all men or preached to all? It seems that Paul including Gentiles, a definite emphasis in Romans 1-4, so all means not just the Jews but Gentiles also. Nothing erases or reverses Romans 4:24 and 5:1-2.
19 ωσπερ γαρ δια της παρακοης του ενος ανθρωπου αμαρτωλοι κατεσταθησαν οι πολλοι ουτως και δια της υπακοης του ενος δικαιοι κατασταθησονται οι πολλοι
παρακοη - hearing amiss. And Romans 10, faith comes by the ακοη - hearing the preached message.
20 νομος δε παρεισηλθεν ινα πλεοναση το παραπτωμα ου δε επλεονασεν η αμαρτια υπερεπερισσευσεν η χαρις
Paul's use of abounding and hyperabounding is found elsewhere.
21 ινα ωσπερ εβασιλευσεν η αμαρτια εν τω θανατω ουτως και η χαρις βασιλευση δια δικαιοσυνης εις ζωην αιωνιον δια ιησου χριστου του κυριου ημων
If through the agency of Christ, then only through faith in Him.

 Graphic by Norma A. Boeckler