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Saturday, May 30, 2020

I Leave All Things to God's Direction, He Loveth Me in Weal and Woe;

I am impatient for certain flowers to bloom, although there is plenty to see already. The Pink Neon Spirea bushes bloomed in abundance all at once, and the Veterans Honor roses are showing off, one perfect rose at a time.

I would like the Star of Gold and the Oriental Lilies to bloom. Instead I have Cat Mint glowing with its purple flowers inviting bees. The mint family (Bee Balm, etc) is the McDonalds of food plants for bees - open early and always available for another stop.

The Military Gardening Group noticed the Cat Mint blooming overnight. Often the visitors point out what I am missing, but that was difficult to overlook. The tiny flowers glow as if lit from within.

I find myself being pushed along because each plant has its own destiny, planned by the Creator. All the creatures - and weather - share in the outcome. One example is coddling the Blackberries until they became strong, rose in revolt, and conquered the corn patch. Squirrels showed me who was boss by stripping the Silver Queen in the corn patch while we were out of town, leaving the stalks bare and straight, like so many sterile tent poles.

 "I say, old chap, we are better off with berries than corn. We can get sunflower seeds daily, but Silver Queen corn only once. The berries will stay and spread, mark my words, youngster."

I know the squirrels are rubbing their filthy paws together in glee. They are three moves ahead of me in 3-D garden chess.

Uncertain about what to do with a shaded corn patch over two rainy summers, the Blackberries decided for me by using their shallow roots to extend the family. The first year growth was unheralded, because I was always figuring out how to get the garbage barrels out to the front without disappearing into the clay soup path to the garden gate.

One can wish to use the Wicket Gate without being able to approach. I was like Christian, with arrows shot at me and hands pulling me back from that goal. I counted three times when I rolled the barrels through the kitchen and living room to effect the removal and return. I dreaded being caught by the Altar Guild with barrel in the living room.

Over the winter, the Blackberries got ready for their second, blooming and fruiting year. The spring began with me wondering about what to do with their aggressive growth. Unbidden, the first few white blooms began to show. Knowing how greedy and hungry the squirrels and birds are, I was not mentally filling baskets. But the entire Blackberry invasion suddenly burst into tiny white blooms, starting with the original patch. That will give us:

  • Bees calmly floating from flower to flower
  • Berries forming
  • Instant treats for all creatures.
Once upon a time we were invited to a Blackberry farm and allowed to pick and eat as much as we wanted. Now I have one, and yet the execution of the plan was completely out of my control. As if to show solidarity, the Wild Strawberries have a broad patch which they staked out for themselves, next to the Blackberries.

 Norma A. Boeckler's Art

"I Leave All Things to God's Direction"
by Salomo Franck, 1685
Translated by August Crull, 1845-1923

1. I leave all things to God's direction,
He loveth me in weal and woe;
His will is good, true His affection.
With tender love His heart doth glow.
My Fortress and my Rock is He:
What pleaseth God, that pleaseth me.

2. My God hath all things in His keeping,
He is the ever faithful Friend;
He grants me laughter after weeping,
And all His ways in blessings end.
His love endures eternally:
What pleaseth God, that pleaseth me.

3. The will of God shall be my pleasure
While here on earth is mine abode;
My will is wrong beyond all measure,
It doth not will what pleaseth God.
The Christian's motto e'er must be:
What pleaseth God, that pleaseth me.

4. God knows what must be done to save me,
His love for me will never cease;
Upon His hands He did engrave me
With purest gold of loving grace.
His will supreme must ever be!
What pleaseth God, that pleaseth me.

5. My God desires the soul's salvation,
Me also He desires to save;
Therefore with Christian resignation
All earthly troubles I will brave.
His will be done eternally:
What pleaseth God, that pleaseth me.

Hymn #529
The Lutheran Hymnal
Text: Romans 8:28
Author: Salomo Franck, 1685
Translated by: August Crull, 1923, alt.
Titled: "Ich halte Gott in allem stille"
Composer: Georg Neumark, 1640
Tune: "Wer nur den lieben Gott"