Saturday, May 23, 2009

St. Andrew Latte (WELS) Video

Warning: do not drink fluids near the keyboard when watching this video. But don't laugh too hard - you WELS members are paying for this.

Many congregations were turned down for a vicar, but St. Andrew got one. Decisions are made at the Doctrinal Pussycat level. The Sausage Factory wants to take over assignments, so vicars would only go to Church and Change tattooed pastors.


Anonymous has left another clueless comment on your post "St. Andrew Latte (WELS) Video":

Aren't there laws against writing as slanderous as yours? Not to mention your blatant violation of copyright laws?


GJ - As my attorney once said, "It's not slander if it's true." Secondly, thanks to the fair use doctrine, material can be borrowed or quoted if it not being resold or otherwise used for commercial purposes. Ichabod is non-profit, a scholarly and satirical effort of breath-taking scope. To borrow a phrase from The CORE, "Totally awesome."


DP Herb Prahl approved the vicar to learn Church and Change under Randy Hunter. Prahl's son vicared for Kudu Don Patterson.
Rev. Herbert H Prahl
Western Wisconsin District President