Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ichabod Stats Spike on June 9th

I was looking at the pages read statistic from Technorati and saw a huge spike on Tuesday of this week. I wondered if it was a mistake, so I checked Google Analytics - same spike.

Mrs. Ichabod opined, "The conventions!" She thinks the district conventions were checking on Ichabod posts - I assume in the privacy of their rooms.

The Michigan District convention was just over. The description I got was "grim," although SP Schroeder gave an uplifting message. Besides the MLS and missionary cuts, pastors are being eliminated from their positions in their congregations.

PS - Update. I found another reason for the spike. I ran the story on the Coptic cleric who evangelizes Muslims. That got the highest page reads of all time.


Anonymouse has left a new misspelled comment on your post "Ichabod Stats Spike on June 9th":

So your readership when (sic) from 5 to 10 on that day. Nice.


GJ - You wish. A WELS pastor reported, "Everyone reads Ichabod."

Perhaps they long for complete sentences, good grammar, and proper spelling.