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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shrinkers Are Sheep-Stealing Wolves

One pastor reported that Veep Jim Huebner was barely elected, while Joel Voss (Commission To De-Fang Perish Services) was given an overwhelming vote.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Does the Fish First Rot From the Head?":

While it is true that some WELS congregations are reduced to half size by the Church Growth mongers, it is also true that many grow significantly through sheep-stealing. I submit that Grace, Milwaukee (Jim Huebner's church) grew largely at the expense of other WELS churches. I understand this is the intention of The (rotten to the) Core in Appleton. I believe that Cross Walk in Phoenix (Jeff Gunn's church) can make the same boast of its actual members. Crown of Life, Corona, CA (Rick Johnson's church) has "won" many members from neighboring WELS churches. St. Marcus in Milwaukee has also grown in part at the expense of neighboring churches. St. Mark, DePere has also grown at the expense of other WELS churches in the Green Bay area.

A look at the WELS Statistical Report reveals that, while some of these Church Growth churches are "growing," the total number of communicants in the conference has not increased.

To be accurate, you should explain that Church Growth mongers either reduce the membership of their own churches or that of their neighboring churches.


GJ - I have pointed out, many times, that the Church Growth Movement is barren, that they grow by stealing members from their own denomination. In fact, their Apostle Paul--C. Peter Wagner--admitted in print that CG principles "do not work."

I realize most people start with the lead article on the blog and cannot possibly read 3,000 other entries. I have to use the search function to find things myself.

I appreciate the facts above being restated. Pastor Rick Johnson published his own offering statistics, which were a disaster. Pastor Rick is a Leonard Sweet-heart. Jeff Gunn (spelled Gun by Church and Change) was their hero until he ran out of outside loot.

I thought a wildly successful church supported itself, but the Chicaneries live on subsidies, diverted offerings, and foundation/Thrivent grants. When WELS pastors and teachers were being laid off, Kudu Don Patterson requested two free staff-members, and got his annual free vicar grant.

Randy Hunter--Church of the Lutheran Latte--got a vicar, which is a sign of Doctrinal Pussycat approval.

Patterson has been called to teach at The Sausage Factory twice. Does that hint at the governing board's tilt and the faculty's apostasy?

Kelm has served just one congregation, in Pittsfield, and was on the staff at Parlow's Willow Creek WELS church. He earned a drive-by CGM DMin at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis - making him the only Shrinker with a (nominal) Lutheran DMin.
Paul Kelm's brother left WELS for Missouri. Paul's son also left WELS for Missouri.
Somehow, these dubious qualifications have earned Kelm the authority to:
  1. Edit the synod Shrinker paper, TELL.
  2. Become the head of Evangelism for WELS.
  3. Run the Schwaermer Spiritual Renewal Project for WELS.
  4. Serve as a CG consultant for WELS.
  5. Teach a required course at Moo U. (renamed Wisconsin Lutheran College). Just some trivial folks. WLC began independently and was closed by the synod. The first version was nicknamed Moo U. The current iteration should be called Schwan U., which retains the association with dairies.
  6. Invite radical New Ager Leonard Sweet to teach the Word of God to WELS members and pastors - Church and Chicanery Conference.
  7. Speak at The Sausage Factory's annual Mission Festival and the equivalent events at Mary Lou College in New Ulm.
  8. Come back to The Love Shack, during a budget crisis, and serve as a Shrinker consultant again!